UGears Christmas Carousel

Happy Holidays Models Carousel 01

A happy memory

I remember this day from my childhood very clearly. It was a crisp December Saturday in uptown New York and it was the day my dream would finally become true. I knew my folks were finally going to give me a ride on the carousel, the colorful, lively attraction absolutely brimming with lights, music and fun! They did, and the happiness of the one-minute ride on the tallest horse available got imprinted into my memory as something very personal, warm and special.

UGears Christmas Carousel - UGears USA 1

Childhood delights

Moments like those exist in everybody’s life, no matter how easy the road has been. There are times we like to return to. These special moments are cherished and treasured and we believe that as adults we need to honor the need for children to enjoy the life they have. Educational toys and mechanical models are one of the ways we can help our kids develop while enjoying the process, and UGears wooden models kits provide numerous possibilities to assemble a delightful DIY model with your own hands!

UGears Christmas Carousel - UGears USA 2

Carousel 3D Puzzle

The UGears team value the time families spend with each other and recognizes childhood as the foundation of one’s harmonic existence, which is why ‘The Carousel’ model was created in the first place. Spend quality time with your loved ones, assembling this wooden educational toy and remembering the cloudless days of childhood!