Christmas spirit: UGears Dream Cabriolet

Happy Holidays Dream Cabriolet

The morning beach

It was quiet, except for a rare morning bird flying by and the deep sleepy breath of the ocean. Tommy took off his sandals, stepped onto the sand and wandered towards the water. At 5 am the dawn was still about to break, but he couldn’t sleep. It was the day before the night of miracles and he’d just caught a glimpse of the particular miracle waiting for him, Tommy, all wrapped up in fancy gift paper and tucked away neatly, awaiting its time. It was the nicest present he could think of, a wooden mechanical toy he’d craved with all his heart. It was a 3D puzzle called Dream Cabriolet, which was about to be given to him for Christmas…

Christmas spirit: UGears Dream Cabriolet - UGears USA 1

Thirty years on

Mr. Thomas Walters stepped out of his shiny new vehicle, parked outside the office building where the fate of his project was to be decided in the following hour. He was about to present his potentially game-changing idea and the extensive research of his team to a group of investors gathered upstairs. Before going inside, he looked back at his Cabriolet and gave it a little wink. It was all going to work out just fine, he suddenly knew. He also realized something else. He knew what present he would give his two kids for Christmas…

Christmas spirit: UGears Dream Cabriolet - UGears USA 2

Christmas spirit

Relationships between loved ones don’t appear out of nowhere. They come out of love, respect, cherishing the good and spending quality time together. UGears strives to support these family values and offers the opportunity for fathers and mothers to solve a mechanical puzzle with their sons and daughters and create an unforgettable DIY model in the process. The Cabriolet UGears model is a dream come true, where the process is just as important as the destination!

Christmas spirit: UGears Dream Cabriolet - UGears USA 3