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The triumph

The mammoth was theirs at last. The efforts of his tribesmen who laid the trap and those who provided the noise of the pursuit finally paid off. The women back at the caves would fry the meat and they would have plenty to feed on for a long while. Gratefully, he looked at the sky and thanked the spirits for giving them this gorgeous beast. Customarily, what was not eaten or couldn’t be used for making clothing or weapons would be given to the spirits of the forest and land to thank them for their kindness.

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The origin of gifts

Giving gifts is one of fundamental human interactions dating back to the very birth of our civilization, back to the very days of cave people and the way they saw the world. The world gave them life and the means to sustain it and they expressed their gratitude by giving it something in return. The chiefs also thanked hunters and warriors for their courage and encouraged further loyalty and continual dedication to their craft and their leader by giving them gifts.

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UGears festive models

These days our presents may be different, but they still reflect our love, care and affection for those who make our lives brighter. UGears mechanical models are perfect science kits, which enable one to make a fun and meaningful gift for their loved ones.

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