Do Ugears mechanical models foresee the future?

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The concept

Before this can be answered, let us ponder the question of what the future actually is. Is it our anticipation, our fears, excitement and expectations? Is the future a series of events we can try to guess but are never able to pin down precisely? Is it the moving gears of mechanical puzzles, ticking away one move at a time? For all practical purposes, does it matter?
We are living our lives now and pretending to be glimpsing into the future is but an illusion which we indulge in for pure joy. And this is exactly where UGears models come into the picture.
In line with our Theater construction kit idea, we make the present day a little brighter, a tad more meaningful and, as the wise ones know, what we do today echoes in eternity!

Do Ugears mechanical models foresee the future? 1

Counting time

If you look at the whole range of our 3D wooden puzzles, which one symbolizes the flow of time better than the Steampunk clock? The amusing combination of wooden pieces is a great sample of engineering for kids and their parents. On the one hand, time may be relative, but on the other hand, as one ‘Matrix Reloaded’ character remarked, ‘If we never take time, how can we ever have time?’
Regardless of the philosophical lining, the Steampunk Clock STEM kit would bring you hours of enjoyment, both while being assembled and while decorating your desk or bookshelf with its mere presence there.

Do Ugears mechanical models foresee the future? 2

Another educational toy which can rival the Clock is the UGears Timer. This mechanical toy is built on similar principles. Its elegance and sublime beauty may leave you mesmerized with this mix of STEM science and artistry.

Do Ugears mechanical models foresee the future? 3

Transportation of the future?

Flying saucers, teleportation, speed of light space travel? Such cliché ideas about the future of moving about may come true in some pretty distant future. What is trending now, though, is putting powerful engines into retro car bodies and obtaining the result of stylish old-school-spirit vehicles with stunning horsepower capabilities!

Do Ugears mechanical models foresee the future? 4
Roadster and Tanker engineering kits for kids and adults are two fine examples of this approach. Assemble one of these UGears sets and take a look into how the future disguises itself as the past.

Do Ugears mechanical models foresee the future? 5

The Tugboat does the exact same thing! You may not suspect this, but apart from the satisfaction of putting this diy model together, you are bound to get so much more!

Do Ugears mechanical models foresee the future? 6

The answer to the initial questions is ‘maybe’. Maybe we don’t foresee it, but rather create it with our own hands. Like we all do, every day of our lives! The future is not in the prophecies of old, it is in our mind, in our desire to create and recreate the reality around. Try building the future with UGears and our science toys and you’ll discover that the future you’ve always dreamt about is well within your reach!