UGears Combination Lock – keep your small treasures safe.

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Combination Lock

Everyone has secrets that they would want to keep private and UGears company is here to help! Take a look at the Combination Lock 3-d mechanical puzzle! With the Lock, your cherished small treasures could be safely kept away. Of course, the Lock cannot sustain a physical intrusion. Nonetheless, it would definitely send a message of privacy to those you are in contact with in your home or at work on a daily basis.

Combination Lock special features.

UGears Combination Lock is a small but sturdy cylinder shaped padlock with a combination code. We used a 3-digit sequence to create over 900 possible combination patterns making a chance of “breaking” the Lock an impossible 1 out of 1000!

In the order to open the lock you must align all three of your combination set digits, otherwise, the lock shank will firmly stay in it held by the locking bar.

What to use the UGears Combination Lock for?

Combination Lock is a small sturdy cylinder shaped padlock that can be used to keep compact objects secured. A car key, flash drive or any other item of similar dimensions could be safely stored inside the Lock’s compartment.

Of course, the Combination Lock cannot protect your tiny treasures from burglars, but you can definitely rely on it for protection from unwanted eyes. For instance, it is never a great idea to keep memory stick with sensitive information in it of a key from the file cabinet out in the open. But place these items inside the Lock, and you can safely leave them on your work desk while leaving for a meeting or lunch.

UGears Combination Lock – keep your small treasures safe. - UGears USA 1

Have you purchased jewelry to surprise your sweetheart on your anniversary and plan to keep it hidden in the sock drawer until the day? Instead, place it inside the Lock and seal it with your own code combination to ensure she won’t break in and ruins the surprise!

And don’t forget about another advantage of the Combination Lock. Like all UGears 3-d puzzles, the Lock is a true work of art that can be displayed on a shelf of collectibles or become an eye-catching piece for your room decor.

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