Roadster VM-01: a timeless classic

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Roadster VM-01

If you are a fan of classic cars and custom-made technic, UGears Roadster VM-01 3D puzzle is sure something that won’t stray away from your gaze. A unique puzzle, made entirely of wooden parts that can not only become an off-beat element of décor, but a functioning model of a legendary vehicle with unprecedented power underneath its hood. What makes it so special? Let’s find out.

What makes Roadster VM-01 model special?

Let’s have a look at the key features of this model:

– All the parts of this model are made out of environmentally friendly natural wood without any chemical Upon         opening the package the first thing that you will notice is going to be the pleasant aroma of wood;

– This model consists of 437 parts, which makes assembling it a challenging task, but if you decide to dedicate the whole day to it, it will make you forget about everything. You might also consider spending a weekend with your friends or family – you won’t regret it either way;

– During the assembly process, you will have to install special rubber drives in their places, which will set the finished model in motion;

– Roadster VM-01 is able to move forward and backward, as well as in an arc, depending on the position you will choose to put the front wheels in, using a special lever in the cabin. Starting the car is quite easy too: there is a spare wheel on top of its trunk, and you just have to twist it to tighten the rubber drives;

– This model was made with maximum precision and attention to detail, its doors can be opened, the dashboard boasts stunning detail, making the model look as realistic as possible. Once assembled it is ready to become an elegant table decoration in your living room or office.

But magic doesn’t just end here. Note the wide hood of the Roadster VM-01 model, lifting the hood will reveal the engine pistons at work – a stunning feature added by designers!

Roadster VM-01: a timeless classic - UGears USA 1

All Roadster VM-01 parts undergo only three processing steps: milling, grinding and scorching. The contrasting elements of the model haven’t been painted on but are a result of wood darkened by high temperatures. This approach helps the manufacturer achieve an aesthetically pleasing and instantly recognizable look while keeping the product environmentally friendly and safe.

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