How to choose the right UGears 3D puzzle?


UGears produces dozens of different types of 3D puzzles on a regular basis, so choosing the right model as a gift might be a challenge. Let’s take a closer look at the key features of the model ranges in the catalog to get a clear picture of everything it has to offer.

Basic product series of UGears 3D puzzles

The puzzle range is split into four categories for your convenience.

U-FIDGET TRIBIKS SERIES is a mini anti-stress toy series which can also be used as key chains. They consist of only a few details, which makes them easy to assemble, plus they can always be within an arm’s reach. The only moving part of these items is a special gear that you can spin in your hands, like a spinner, in order to concentrate on current tasks or relieve stress. Each collection consists of 4 small toys. It can be various types of equipment, animals, abstract figurines. They will become excellent symbolic or corporate gifts;


COLORING MODELS SERIES – This series is designed specifically for children. These models are also easy to assemble, they are small, and are made in the shapes of various animals and toys. Their main feature though is the fact that they can be colored, which contributes to the child’s  creative development;


MECHANICAL VEHICLES SERIES is the largest series that consists of transport models. This includes cars, motorcycles, trains, sea and air transport. Any of these 3D puzzles can become a great gift both for a teenager and an adult;


MECHANICAL TOWN SERIES is comprised out of the most complex and large 3D puzzles, both regarding their size and the number of parts. These models’ range includes complex industrial enterprises, train stations and many other buildings and structures. Such puzzles are best assembled with a team effort either within the family circle or in a large group of friends.

How to choose the right UGears 3D puzzle? - UGears USA 1

Each series features puzzles that vary from the easiest to the hardest in terms of assembly. When choosing a gift, bear in mind the person’s interests. If you want the gift to be used in everyday life, note such items as the mechanical box, the timer or the DATE NAVIGATOR.

We invite you to take a closer look at other 3D puzzle models in our online catalog, which also allows you to place an order with delivery.