Spring inspiration by UGears!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Flower Assembled

Spring is in the air! If you haven’t yet felt the inspiration, it is because you have not experienced our seasonal collection of 3-d puzzles. Check out our catalog for a large variety of exquisite and unique mechanical models and find the right one for you.

How would UGears models help to get into a spring spirit? Find out here…

How to beat winter melancholy?

You can’t wait for warm sunny days but the weather outside is still cold and gloomy?

Treat your winter melancholy with a cup of hot cocoa and some pleasant memories of a warm breeze and sunny beaches. Add some reality to your memories with UGears Trimaran Merihobus 3-d mechanical puzzle! This extravagant model of a real sailboat will take you on imaginary adventures to tropical islands and sunny beaches! Let your imagination take over to help the long-awaited for summer vacation feel closer!

Spring flower for the season!

Nothing speaks spring more than beautiful flowers! UGears introduces their own beautiful and intricate floral creation. With the Mechanical Flower 3-d wooden puzzle, you can immerse yourself into the excitement of anticipation of spring while working of the assembly of this beautiful piece of aesthetic mechanics.

The adrenalin rush of the speed.

Spring inspiration by UGears! - UGears USA 1

Are you missing the feel of an open road and fresh breeze in your hair? Ready to dust off your iron beast and set off to an adventure? But, what to do if the ground is covered with snow and travel conditions are affected by a winter storm? With UGears Bike VM-02 mechanical 3-d puzzle can brighten up your day and make the wait time go by faster. Even after the fun of working on your Bike is over and it is fully assembled, it will continue to amuse you racing across your living room floor, powered up by nothing more than its rubber-band motor.

Country style.

Many of us associate the arrival of spring with the opening of the gardening season! UGears Tractor model is here to add up to the feeling of spring rejuvenation! Enjoy the assembly of this vintage farming vehicle while making plans for planting future crops.

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