Building together: UGears Timer

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Timer

Each of UGears 3-d mechanical model sets comes with an enclosed assembly instructions booklet intended to make the building process easy and enjoyable. In addition, we are launching a series of “ Building together” articles dedicated to each model’s assembly specifics. Today’s article is about UGears Timer model.

UGears Timer – what type of mechanical model is it?

UGears Timer 3-d puzzle is a fully functioning count down device that will work for any segment of time from 1 to 20 minutes. It features a hammer-shaped pendulum that makes a loud clicking sound when the time is up. Made with high-grade natural wood materials the Timer produces real mechanical movement provided by the small rubber-band drive.

Building together: UGears Timer - UGears USA 1

What is covered in the assembly instructions?

Here is a brief overview of the assembly instructions booklet.

On page 3 you will find the assembly preparation recommendations and the interpretation of signs and symbols used in the text. The main feature of the Timer set, a special auxiliary tool with marks and perforations, is used for precise measuring of the connecting joints is described in page 3.

– Pages 4, 5 and 6 include the recommendations on the assembly of the rotating wheels.

– On pages 9 and 10 you will find direction for the Timer’s hand assembly.

– Pages 7 and 8 outline the assembly of the Timer’s pendulum.

– Pages 12 and 15 contain the information on the Timer’s body assembly.

The rest of the manual covers the steps of connecting all the Timer’s elements into the model itself.

What to pay special attention to.

First, is a large number of small and delicate parts. Consider that when beginning the assembly and make sure you work carefully and follow the assembly order strictly by the instructions. Pages 15 and 16 outline the necessity of cutting the rubber bands, instead of using them whole as in other UGears models. Make sure you tie a stronghold knots, as the performance of the entire mechanism will be affected will the knots become loose.

On page 19 we address the importance of securing the rubber bands in the correct position to prevent sagging of the rotating part of the Timer’s pendulum: the rubber bands should form a parallel horizontal line.

And the most important part of the instructions, the collaboration of the Timer. To ensure your Timer’s count down is correct, set it to a particular segment of time and match it with the same segment on a standard timer or a watch. If the Timer count down is behind, you need to tighten its rubber band drive (page 20). If it’s ahead, the bands on the drive should be loosen up. Repeat the steps until your Timer reaches the ultimate count down speed.

Keep in mind, in order for the Timer to perform correctly it must be placed onto a perfectly leveled, flat horizontal surface.

We hope you enjoy UGears Mechanical Timer 3-d puzzle!