Train your brain with a unique Ugears model

UGears Aquarium

Take a break

It’s not a secret that mechanical puzzles perfectly develop fine motor skills, attentiveness, brain functionality and patience. Moreover, they have a positive impact on your emotional state. If you want to break from work, then an assembly of a three-dimensional puzzle will help you in such a situation. We will now offer you one of the wooden models for adults that will certainly be interesting for you.

UGears Aquarium

Marine life in your hands

The Mechanical Aquarium from Ugears will be a nice gift for lovers of marine life. The sea creatures will become your favorite. The ocean fish chase one another. And another deep-sea dweller – a Sea Horse – floats toward them. It will take you nearly 6 hours to assemble the aquarium. But the result will surpass all expectations. Novel design and unique mechanical action are one of the main advantages of this puzzle.

UGears Aquarium

Remarkable details

The model has an average level of difficulty and consists of 325 parts. Seaweed and fish rotate simultaneously but in different directions and at different speeds. Fanciful fish look very realistic, almost as if they were alive. The rest of our 3D models turn on with a rubber-band-powered engine. But here we will surprise you again because this mechanical puzzle is powered by a spring coil. This way, the structure will be more durable.  There is also a surprise waiting for our customers – the Sea Horse. It is hiding in the deep sea. Minor but remarkable details will make you happy. This model has been developed to operate in a simple way – just 2 modes: turn on, turn off and switch. Fish movement lasts 40 seconds, but you are able to stop it whenever you want.


The weekend is coming! Don`t forget to plan your activities. Arrange an unforgettable time with your family. And Ugears 3D puzzle will help you with this♥