Now you can have your own observatory on the table

Now you can have your own observatory on the table - UGears USA 1

We are happy to inform you that the long-awaited model has finally reached the USA! We are starting to send all the pre-orders placed earlier. If you haven’t ordered this model yet – don’t waste a moment! It’s high time to buy it!
Finally, the Sky-Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock is available in our store now and you don’t need to wait so long for delivery.
You can get it in a few days and enjoy the kit from the very beginning of 2022!

We present the Sky-Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock, a fascinating combination of the imaginative celestial observatory and functional table clock!

Sky Watcher Tourbillon

The second fully functioned clock

Ugears fans asked to create a functional wooden clock model. The first was a wall-mounted Aero Clock, and now we are pleased to show you the second model – a spring-loaded Tourbillon Table Clock! We invite you to become a partner in this creative mechanical adventure. You can be a real clockmaker in your own steampunk universe.

As we told earlier -the standout feature of this functional and beautiful wooden model table clock is the rotating tourbillon that sits on top. The tourbillon mechanism helps to improve precision. But it often serves a more decorative function in table and wall clocks. This also applies to the table clock Sky-Watcher from Ugears. But the only idea that you can build your own tourbillon is kind of amazing, but amazement is what our Ugears customers have come to expect.

Sky Watcher Tourbillon

We are ready

Let`s start this amazing mechanical adventure!  When the model is fully wound it can power the timepiece for approximately 2-3 hours. This model is a great addition to the Ugears catalogue of 3D puzzles. This model kit is for you if you are an experienced modeler. Just start this delightful challenge!

Some tips

Don`t forget to pay attention to the complexity of the mechanism. And to keep accurate time, your clock requires lubrication and a neat, tidy assembly. Your Sky-Watcher clock comes with a detailed, illustrated guide. Moreover, everything needed for the assembly is included in the box. You don`t need glue or any additional tools. If you break a part during assembly, just let our customer service team know.

Sky Watcher Tourbillon

Not only puzzle

The Sky-Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock from Ugears will be a nice addition to any home or office space. This unforgettable clock won’t take up much of your desk space. It will be a pretty piece of decor. It’s also a great gift idea. Give this DIY kit to your darling people and present them with a wonderful challenge, which can help to show themselves and their creativity.  Moreover, you could also present a completed Ugears 3D puzzle clock as a special gift to a loved one, giving them a unique, handcrafted piece of art and engineering in which you have invested your time and talents.