How to organize mental rest? What’s the use of it?

How to organize mental rest. UGears

In the flow of routine life, we don’t even notice how our brain gets tired and how it needs to reload. Subsequently, our memory gets worse, as well as mood and productivity.


Importance of rest

During the whole day our brain actively absorbs the information coming from different sources. This can be live communication, news, information from social networks, movies, books and so on.

If you don’t allow your brain to rest, as a result you can notice that your health deteriorates, the level of productivity gets lower, and your mood gets worse. This is why it is crucial to give your brain some ‘breaks’, the periods of time when the information flow is minimal.


‘Passive mode’ of the brain

An activation of ‘passive mode’ occurs during your inaction or even during a walk in the park or book reading. If you forgot a few last pages of the book that you are reading at the moment, it means that passive mode got activated and you got distracted by some secondary issues. At such moments you can think up a solution to a problem that had been bothering you for weeks.


How to organize intellectual rest?

  • Several breaks during the day

During the whole working day (regardless of whether you are in the office or at home), set aside 15-20 minutes, during which you can have a cup of tea or do some exercise. It will help you to relieve some excessive stress and tension, so you will get to work with renewed vigor.

  • For a short period do some activity that doesn’t require any mental efforts

You can either do the cleaning or do the dishes. Most people dealing with domestic matters, perfectly relax their brain and stop thinking about problems at work or in personal life.

Due to the physical activity, so-called cognitive detox occurs. A great option would be a walk in the park. Don’t be lazy, take a walk and enjoy nature. You can just sit on the bench, listen to singing of birds and leaves rustling or go to the nearest body of water because we all know that water has a way of calming down.

  • Put your phone aside

Smartphones influence our lives greatly and not only in a good way. We spend a sizeable part of our day glued to our phones. Communication with relatives, business correspondence and games take up plenty of our time.

Once a day mute your phone and put it aside for at least 15 minutes. Relax and try not to think that someone might call or text you. Don’t stress your brain even further.

  • Devote less time to social media

Social media is a good thing, but we shouldn’t get carried away. Devote 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening to check your emails and social networks. Don’t use your phone out of boredom or on public transport, like most people do.

  • Live in the moment

Life flows so fast that we don’t even pay attention to some small but important details. Try to learn to look at objects, views and everything around. I am sure that in time you will understand how beautiful and wonderful our life is.

How to organize mental rest. UGears

  • Try to spend more time in the fresh air

During walks your blood gets saturated with oxygen, renewal of cells occurs. Due to this, your memory and concentration improves, productivity increases and your mood gets better. During a walk you can listen to your favorite song for additional relaxation.

  • Study your muscles

 Our body consists of approximately 850 muscles. Devote 20 minutes a day to concentrate on several of them. 10 to 15 seconds for each muscle would be sufficient.

  • Taste the food

 During meals try to focus on how things taste. Taste the food and try not to overeat. It is also important to select the right food and to form your diet wisely. Give preference to cereals, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts and other healthy products. You shouldn’t consume too much fat or salty food.

  • Find a new hobby

It is important for a hobby not to be connected to work. Remember what brings you pleasure? Do you take pleasure in drawing or woodworking? If you are a fan of unique and interesting tasks, take a look at what ‘Ugears’ prepared for you. Mechanical 3D puzzles will be a great option for your new hobby.

Wooden puzzle kits are made of high-quality and hypoallergenic materials. Our extensive range includes wooden models for adults and kids.

How to organize mental rest. UGears

If you are looking for an idea of how to spend your spare time, then you definitely have to pay attention to our company’s models. The key feature is that an assembled construction set can move! Just imagine a spinning globe or a car driving past. Isn’t it amazing?

All structures are assembled without using any glue or other tools. Use ready-made parts to assemble your favorite model. ‘Ugears’ models are unique and appeal to those who are constantly looking for something new. Such hobby isn’t just entertaining but also useful.

How to organize mental rest. UGears

During the process of assembly, you develop fine motor skills, improve your memory and concentration. You become more attentive and concentrate on what is really important: puzzle assembly. You train your brain well without overexerting it.

How to organize mental rest. UGears

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A few last words

Don’t forget to do a regular reboot for your brain. Good memory, intellectual abilities and mood depend on your actions alone. Just like the rest of your body, your brain gets tired and every so often you have to give it a break. Don’t forget to comply with the abovementioned rules, and high productivity is guaranteed!