Timeful and timelessness

UGears Aero Clock

Released in slowed down world

The UGears Aero Clock is a self-assembly wooden pendulum wall clock. This kit was released at a time when the world seems to have slowed down. And it combines timeful and timelessness in its simple elegance. This beautiful and functional wooden wall clock model is a best option for watchmakers, hobbyists, explorers, creatives and romantics of all stripes, all who are ready for new challenges and ready to take risks. This kit is best for you If you’ve ever looked at the sky and thought, “I want to be there!”. And it will be great for those who want to know how a pendulum clock works.

UGears Aero Clock

More than just a model

Aero Clock is not just a wooden mechanical 3D model. In addition it is a beautiful display piece. Moreover, the Ugears clock really works. So, you can assemble it by yourself, hang it on the wall, then wind it up, and then watch how the seconds, minutes and hours go by. Aero Clock is an original DIY puzzle and clockwork that is unlike any other clock. It is a fine work of precision engineering. It demonstrates the operation of pendulum clocks to builders and spectators in full.

UGears Aero Clock

Travel to balloonomania

Roots of creating the Aero Clock model go back to early aeronautics. Travel back in time to the dawn of flying and the “balloonomania” that swept France and England in 1783. There was the first free flight in a hot air balloon. Then, this was followed two years later by the first aerial crossing of the English Channel by the intrepid aeronauts Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffreys. We love this steampunk and adventurous wooden clock model. And we think you will too! Imagine yourself as a discoverer of new horizons and conqueror of the four winds. The case and the intriguing wooden clockwork represent an airbase nestled among the clouds. The place where marshmallows blow and filtered sunbeams illuminate the cars as you, as an aeronaut. And a place which embarks on a new exploration journey through the clock.

UGears Aero Clock

Marvelous puzzle to gather the family

The UGears Aero Clock with a pendulum is an amazing puzzle. It is also the perfect family project. When you work together to assemble this DIY wooden clock model kit, you will experience the satisfaction of building something together. And it is not just a model, but an actual functioning timepiece. Afterwards, you’ll have a beautiful object for the home, something your family can enjoy together as time goes by. The Ugears Aero Clock with a pendulum is a new and exciting addition to the Ugears collection of fascinating mechanical models, 3D puzzles, game accessories, wooden puzzle boxes, children’s toys and education STEM Lab model kits.

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