Happy Independence Day from UGears!

Happy Independence Day

Making our own choices

All Ugears team are excited about our great holiday, the one which has great significance for our nation! It’s not about only one day every year, not about the festivities, firework displays or celebrating together. It’s about choosing the path which is right exactly for us. It’s about following our own vision, our dreams, our aspirations. Independence Day is about all those things. They matter, as to Americans they define life itself. Happy Independence Day!!!

A turning point in history

Back in the times when we were still considered a colony, a vassal, a land to be used, a nameless resource at the disposal of the mighty monarch, our nation rose to break those faulty bonds and to redefine that reality. Our nation and most of the civilized world have matured since those bygone days. Since we have fought for and earned our independence, we have risen to make not just this continent, but much of the world a better place. We have invested in science, technology, art, human rights and global security. Our choices have enabled us to lead by example and to lend a helping hand to those who truly need it!

Happy Independence Day


Independence theme in Ugears models

We hope that many of our clients feel truly free when they are engaged in their favorite hobby of assembling mechanical models. There are many models, which symbolize that freedom: Ugears elegant car models, the Dragon, or the train models. There are many you can choose from. Simply visit www.ugearsmodels.us and make your pick!

Help Ukraine

Unfortunately for the world, some countries still need to fight against the atavisms of the previous centuries that somehow got through to where we are today. In the world where cooperation and mutual benefits are the way forward, some still choose to deceive, break their promises, bully and stab their neighbor in the back. This is exactly what Ukrainians have been fighting against since the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion of their country in February. They are struggling against injustice, lies and tyranny. The fight is still on and any help we provide to Ukraine is greatly appreciated.

Find out more at https://ugearsmodels.us/support-ukraine