The salt wind carries you to the future

Ugears Research Vessel

Dive to traveling

The summer has passed its middle… And it is high time to start adventures with our Research Vessel! We are sure everybody loves to travel and immerse yourself in the journey. Moreover, it is always a great way to learn something new! And adventures give you an excellent opportunity to diversify your everyday life.

Ugears Research Vessel

Weigh anchor and set sail

Ugears Research Vessel was inspired by classic documentaries and the biographies of prominent maritime explorers. This model embodies the power and beauty of today’s large icebreakers and research vessels. Your new boat has everything you need for proper exploration. It includes a deep-sea research bathyscaphe, a small motorboat and a lifeboat, a gangway, an opening bilge hatch and other fun and interesting elements that you will find in real ships. The Research vessel is equipped with a slewing jib crane. It helps to control the load and lift the bathyscaphe. Using a crane, pull the bathyscaphe out of the depths and fix it on a special retractable platform.

Ugears Research Vessel

How it works

All parts of the research vessel are made of high-quality plywood. It is environmentally friendly. The assembly process does not require glue or additional tools. The “skeletal” design of the Vessel’s hull allows you to look into the hold and engine room and see what makes it move. The energy that drives the model is produced by a rubber band motor and controlled by a pendulum. The clever arrangement of gears in this unit mimics the sound of a diesel engine. It provides a smooth and confident ride for the Research Vessel. The model has three driving modes. They are forward, turn and automatic maneuvering. The modes are controlled by a lever that can be switched manually.

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