Take a trip at home

UGears Locomotive

The best way

Traveling is a part of our life. Millions of US residents take a journey every weekend. Americans go to explore nearby cities, neighboring states or countries. One of the best ways to travel for us is going by train. At UGears, we have a complete package to organize a train journey within your home. You can find it here: https://ugearsmodels.us/catalog/locomotive-railway-platform-rails/

This is a wonderful gift to spend the weekend together with the family.

UGears Locomotive

Your own locomotive

The first model in a kit is a Steam Locomotive with tender “UGEARS 460” incorporated all the technical solutions used in previous models. It has an extravagant appearance with many gears inside. The model represents the entire period of engineering thought of the 19th century. It was a time when advanced countries competed in whose locomotive is more powerful, larger and more solid.

This model is very coordinated and pleasant to drive. Anyone who picks up the assembled steam locomotive is sure to be surprised by the originality and thoughtfulness of the assembly.

UGears Locomotive

Additions to the train

Every train needs a proper station. For this, the UGears “Platform” model was created, which reproduces the style of a beautiful European railway station. And how can you travel without the rails? Where there is a railway, there is also a UGears Railway Crossing. You will receive 4 meters of railway complete with crossing and barriers that raise and lower by pressing a lever.

 Support Ukraine

Ukraine has been under constant rocket fire for 240 days. Terrorists from Russia are destroying the infrastructure of peaceful Ukrainian cities and killing residents. But Ukraine will survive. Good will surely win.

Support Ukraine on our website: https://ugearsmodels.us/support-ukraine/. Also, warm clothes have been added to our Amazon Wishlist, which you can purchase and they will be sent to Ukraine. Thanks for your support.