Hi and Low Speed in UGEARS VM-03 Heavy Boy Truck

UGears Heavy Boy Truck

Unforgettable feelings

In the early morning, cold fog creeps along the highway. It chases away drowsiness and penetrates the bones. And the road calls you to travel. A cup of strong coffee will certainly help get you up. But you’ll really wake up after you turn the key in the ignition. The energy of the engine will flow through the veins of your eighteen-wheeled beast, and it will growl with satisfaction like a huge predatory cat. Have you experienced similar feelings? Today you have a chance to join the noble tribe of truck drivers with the VM-03 Heavy Boy Truck from UGears.

Heavy Boy Truck

Some details

The Truck is Large and powerful. It is equipped with a working six-cylinder engine, driven by a rubber motor. The carefully thought out and maximally detailed design of the Heavy boy truck makes the model even more interesting. The romance of the road and the power of a large and fast car will not leave anyone indifferent. However, whether you are the soul of the company – we all benefit from time to time to be alone with ourselves and the road. Wash the dust from our souls, clear our heads – and learn to appreciate the time spent with loved ones anew. Fill a full tank – and go ahead, master new routes with the Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 from UGears.

UGears Heavy Boy Truck 2

Driving modes

The truck has a real gearbox with 3 driving modes: forward, reverse or idle. And today we present a new article by our friend on Medium. This article is an in-depth look at how speed modes work on the UGEARS VM-03 Heavy Boy Truck with many YouTube videos. In this post, you can see the experience of assembling the Heavy boy truck. Also, Ryan shared a full demonstration of how to put the UGEARS VM-03 Heavy Boy Truck into low gear and then watch the fake engine and counter wright move. Here is a link to the post: https://bit.ly/3D5dfbl

UGears Heavy Boy Truck 3

Friend for distant wanderings

The Heavy Boy Truck is a super gift for all ages. Because everyone finds an exciting opportunity to build their dream truck! But also, do not forget that our truck also has a Heavy Boy Truck Trailer. And together they become a single powerful friend for distant wanderings. The VM-03 Truck and Trailer are made of high-quality plywood board, which has been tested by European laboratories. And it is also used in the production of children’s furniture. Each model is fully equipped with everything needed for assembly.


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