Start your week off right with UGears’ extraordinary offer

UGears Carousel

Relive the magic of your childhood with UGears whimsical Carousel. Enjoy a captivating ride as you take in all the nostalgia this model offers!

UGears Carousel

The feel of nostalgia

Feel the nostalgia of a classic carnival ride with this amazing UGears model! This intricate design features two types of carousel horses that rock up and down as it spins. The star attraction is an eye-catching center pole, spinning in the opposite direction for extra exhilaration. So, don’t forget to add some hot dog flavor by adding little birds flying overhead along with decorative lanterns. Get ready to enjoy all kinds of thrills and audible chimes while you take your fairground adventure home!

UGears Carousel

Discover our mechanical model Carousel

The UGears Carousel is an ingeniously designed model that uses the power of a rubber band motor. Place it on its own base, wind up the key and watch as horses rise and dip gracefully along their path around the central pole! An attached planetary gear allows for smooth rotation in one direction. And special pendulum gears make sure all parts move together harmoniously with no need for glue or additional tools – just simple engineering brilliance at work!

UGears Carousel

Perfect gift for you

Are you looking for the perfect present to give someone a break from the daily grind? UGears Carousel has arrived! It is crafted with sustainable high-grade wooden materials. This fascinating set will whisk you away into a fun carousel. With its lively music and festive atmosphere, each turn takes you back in time – like riding your favorite horse at an old-fashioned fair. Let UGears’s Carrousel put some pep it their step!

Experience a fun and informative journey as you manually spin the carousel – it’s like having a private tour! See every inner workings of this intricate mechanism in motion at whatever pace works best for you.

UGears Carousel

Get ready for your week to be even more extraordinary!

Kick off the week in an exciting way with UGears’ SPECIAL OFFER! Get 23% off our Model of the Week – UGears Carousel. With its unique design, it’s sure to provide hours of fun for you and your family. So don’t wait, take advantage now and enjoy building a masterpiece from UGEARS!


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