Model of the Week – Wooden Butterfly from UGears

UGears Butterfly

The most delicate UGears model

Assemble your very own kinetic sculpture with the UGears Butterfly! This incredible model flutters and moves using just a rubber-band motor, no extra power source or batteries are required. Plus, you’ll have fun building it since all its details come ready to go – plus they don’t require any glue nor do you need special tools – easy peasy! Perfect for bringing some movement into your world in an eco-friendly way.

UGears Butterfly

We show you some secrets of our butterfly

Transform crafting into an enchanting experience with UGears Butterfly! Made of delicate craft paper, the lower wings tilt to mimic a real butterfly’s movements. Each comes with two sets of wings – one color and another beige so you can paint it as your own personal creation. As if that wasn’t enough charm, watch its front legs move while it flutters around its flower-shaped platform supported by elastic giving realistic movement for this delightful automaton!

UGears Butterfly

The best gift ever

At UGears, we believe that the complexity and beauty of mechanics should be accessible to everyone. That’s why our Butterfly model is designed with a transparent skeleton-style – so you can watch all its working pieces as it comes together! Perfect for kids or adults, this attractive model makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves puzzles and wonders how things work. With iconic design from UGears, your new mechanical masterpiece will look amazing in any home or office setting!

UGears Butterfly

Fun challenge with 23% off

This week, let your creativity take flight with the UGears Butterfly Wooden Model! With its intricate design and beautiful craftsmanship, this model is sure to bring hours of entertainment. Get yours now for a fun challenge that you won’t forget anytime soon!
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