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UGears Tugboat

The history of Tugboat

Over two-and-a-half centuries ago, the world was revolutionized with a small but mighty vessel—the Tugboat! Developed in 1736 England to ensure safe navigation near ports and harbors as well as provide an extra force for cargo movement by river currents. And although its design has been continually perfected since then, this tiny ship still remains essential at sea today. Not only is it needed worldwide no matter what purpose or type of waters sailors may encounter–there’s now even a variety of models available depending on the application!

UGears Tugboat

Our version of Tugboat

Embark on an adventure and make your dreams of setting sail a reality with UGears nautical model! Motivated by their love for the sea, they designed this tugboat to provide you with all the necessary functions needed while providing an interesting aesthetic. Who knows – if you’re up for it, maybe someday soon that blurred line where water meets sky can be within reach?

UGears Tugboat

Explore the beauty of the wooden model

We believe that appreciating the gears in motion is an integral part of enjoying our Tugboat model. That’s why we’ve designed it to show off its intricate beauty and features! Underneath, a rubber-band motor powers everything – by connecting with a bearing for extra tension. The reduction gear then transfers energy to both drive wheels and finally through the pendulum which regulates speed evenly…allowing you to fully appreciate this marvel of engineering!

Unlock the wonders of the sea with UGears Tugboat! Step into your own port and bravely set sail on an adventure like never before. You hold all board in this captain’s seat – start exploring today!

UGears Tugboat

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