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UGears Combine

Open a new model for self-assembly

Get ready to harvest like a pro with the UGears Original Combine Harvester model! This impressive piece of mechanics operates just like a real harvester, with spinning wheels and a rotating cutter board. It is so easy to set in motion with its rubber-band motor. Just simply roll it backwards, release the handbrake, and watch it go! Plus, it’s built with the same quality and attention to detail as the UGears model Tractor. Get your crops in with ease and style!

UGears Combine

Looking for the perfect gift for the tech lover? Look no further!

Did you know that this awesome model comes with a secret compartment in the back? That’s right, it’s the perfect spot for storing your precious heirloom seeds or even leaving sweet notes for your favorite farmer. Plus, it’s a great gift for anyone who appreciates technology, fieldwork and harvesting. So why not make a weekend of it and invite your family to help you assemble this amazing model? You won’t regret it!

UGears Combine

Ready to harvest your fun?

The UGears Combine Harvester may look complex, but it’s a breeze to use once assembled. Simply wind up the rubber band engine with a quick drag or spin, and you’re off to the races! Plus, when it’s time to take a break, the handy “handbrake” lever puts you in control to stop and park. Get ready for some smooth, easy, and exciting playtime with the UGears Combine Harvester.

UGears Combine

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