UGears Truck UGM-11

Get ready to witness the next generation of mechanical models with UGEARS UGM-11 Truck. This model is a masterpiece of sophistication and engineering, with impressive features that make it run, shift, steer, and accelerate just like a real truck. From the moment you start building this model, you’ll fall in love with its intricate mechanisms and the satisfaction of seeing it come to life.

UGears Truck UGM-11

Experience Realism with UGEARS UGM-11 Truck

The UGEARS UGM-11 Truck is the ultimate realistic experience in mechanical model building. With the lever on top of the cab, you can “fuel up” your truck before starting the engine with the shifter in “idle.” The four pistons moving realistically under the folding hood will mesmerize you. Open the cabin door to find a fully functioning steering wheel and a working gas pedal, making it feel like you’re driving a real truck. You can shift the transmission into “forward” or “reverse,” and watch your truck head back to the fields for another load of hay.

UGears Truck UGM-11

Explore the World of Rubberpunk with UGEARS UGM-11 Truck

The UGEARS UGM-11 Truck is a true masterpiece of Rubberpunk, blending the worlds of clockwork and steampunk. It features a raw, open design that allows you to appreciate the marvels going on inside. The building kit may take some time, but the satisfaction and rewards of completing it are worth it for those who love mechanics. You’ll appreciate this stunning model’s attention to detail and intricate design.

UGears Truck UGM-11

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