Cash Register. Specials of the week

UGears Cash Register

Enjoy building our model of the week

Ugears’ mechanical Cash Register is the perfect combination of fun, learning, and financially savvy. Enjoy building your own cogs-and-gears moneybox with a classic steampunk design. It does not only store cash but gives you a valuable lesson in understanding its inner mechanisms!

UGears Cash Register

Find some secrets of the Cash Register model

Keep your finances safe and sound with this ingenious mechanical bank! Designed to look like a genuine vintage cash register, it comes equipped with both coin and notes boxes for convenient payment options. Plus the added security of personalized code locks offers additional protection – you can update your unique combo as often as needed to be backed by an internal code mechanism.

UGears Cash Register

A unique way of teaching kids

Unlock the secrets to success with The Cash Register from Ugears! This exquisite Art Deco model will add unique style and flair to any interior. With a clever mechanical design, you can use this register for teaching children about counting in an exciting way – perfect for those starting their own lemonade stand business or gifting it as a present! See your sales skyrocket while having more fun than ever before.

UGears Cash Register

Special Price

Every Monday, get ready to be gifted with a special offer from UGEARS – the Model of the Week! Set your sights on Cash Register in 2023 and indulge yourself with 23% off. When you make that purchase and start assembling this weekend, prepare for an unforgettable journey-filled surprise as you put together all its intricate details. Rediscover life before technology took over – one gear at a time.


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