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UGears Tram with Rails

Imagine a time when daily transportation is filled with nostalgia and romanticism! The UGears Tram with Rails model kit has brought it to life – inspired by classic streetcars and funiculars. Take it for a spin around your room, whipping up memories of San Francisco’s first cable car from 1873 that still runs on Nob Hill today at an impressive incline – made possible thanks to local engineer Andrew Hallidie who revolutionized urban transport using ore engines from gold mines in his legendary tramcar creation. Bring back those feelings of yesteryear and make sure you carry along all kinds of romance this month!

UGears Tram with Rails

Construct your very own piece of history!

With the UGears Tram model kit, you can build a miniature version of an iconic mode of transportation that has been operating since before 1900. You’ll be provided with 154 precision-cut parts and easy assembly instructions – no tools or glue required! Put together this museum-quality replica to explore its intricate propulsion system up close. Start engineering time travel today!

UGears Tram with Rails

Secrets of unique assembling

This model car brings the fun of an amusement park ride to your own home. Activate its “tram mode” and watch as a rubber band engine propels it along, or turn on the gravity-powered “funicular mode” by tilting one end of the rail with special levers. Create thrilling stunts like elevated bridges torn from roller coasters; lift both ends off the ground for maximum thrills!

UGears Tram with Rails

Bring a bit of classic charm to your model city with this delightful tram car

It features all the bells and whistles you expect from its full-scale counterparts, like an active pantograph lever that winds up the rubber band engine, a start lever for setting off on journeys around town, direction shifter and brake levers – even an emergency exit in case of ’emergencies’. Plus there’s a small storage space perfect for stashing something special! Give it pride of place as part of your model train set today!

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