Immerse yourself in the love-filled atmosphere of St Valentine’s Day!

St Valentine's Day

Spend this special day with your beloved, showering each other with heartfelt expressions of devotion and affection. Make it a truly memorable occasion that you’ll savor for years to come!


 When did this holiday appear?

This February, indulge in a truly romantic story! It dates back to the days of Ancient Rome – when sacrificing to commemorate fertility was commonplace and couples would expose themselves for increased birth rates.

Our second romantic legend hails from the distant Middle Ages and is equally captivating. When Emperor Claudius II was in power, he forbid soldiers to marry so that they could focus better on protecting their empire. Despite this decree, an intrepid doctor by the name of Valentine sought out couples secretly and joined them together in marriage – but eventually had to pay a hefty price for his disobedience when caught! Before being sent away though, Valentine wrote one last love letter addressed to Julia- signing it as “Your Valentine”- creating what later became known today as our revered holiday of passion: Valentine’s Day!

Valentine, the Italian patrician demonstrates an unparalleled level of courage and love. His unending bravery is a testament to how far one can go for their convictions as he readily sacrifices himself so his followers may be pardoned from execution. As Valentine faces his own demise, he passes on a note that symbolizes devoted sacrifice and unconditional love – ideals we could all strive towards in our day-to

St Valentine's Day

Where did this holiday come from to America?

Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day is an American tradition that began with the resettlement of British in America followed by commercial production of postcards to commemorate this day for all. This national holiday has become a time where people share love and show appreciation for one another through gifts, cards, or words; making it one wonderful special occasion we can always look forward too!

St Valentine's Day

What to present?

Valentine’s Day is a time for lovers to express their love and appreciation. From heart-shaped marzipan gifts in the 19th century, people now give each other jewelry, bouquets of flowers from florists’, homemade cards or have romantic dinners out together on this special day. Schoolchildren also get into the spirit with decorations, performances and parties! Show you care by selecting something unique that shows your loved one just how much they mean to you – regardless if it’s sweets made with love at home such as marzipan hearts or store-bought items like jewellery – whatever speaks most directly to them will show just how truly passionate your feelings are.

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St Valentine's Day

And the most important…

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