Fuel Your Imagination with UGEARS Mechanical Tanker

UGears Tanker

Construct a beautiful wooden model from the UGEARS Trucks Collection, bringing an eye-catching display of craftsmanship and creativity to life.

UGears Tanker

Height of innovation

Mechanical Tanker is the height of innovation. Twist its unique knob and unfold it to reveal an interior that will make you marvel at how cool technology can be! With a design meant for appreciation, this model won’t disappoint when it comes to impressing onlookers with stunning visual effects.

UGears Tanker

What to expect from this model

Ready, set..go! Experience the thrill of a real-life machine with this unique Mechanical Tanker. This four-cylinder rubber band engine will move you forward in “drive” mode and back on ‘reverse’ transmission – just start up the idle to witness its realistic pistons at work under that folding hood.

UGears Tanker

No glue for assembling, really?

Assembly made easy, thanks to UGEARS patented plywood joints! Who could have thought you can build a working model of the Mechanical Tanker at home with just your bare hands? No glue and special tools are needed – all it takes is some puzzle-like assembly following vivid color instructions. Get ready for an unforgettable building experience without hassle or mess!

An original gift idea to bond fathers and sons, a smart hobby that takes grown-ups back in time – to when they created memories as children. Get ready for some fun family moments!

UGears Tanker

Best offer for you

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