Introducing the new UGears STEM-lab series: Pendulum, Counter, Differential, Gearbox

03. Pendulum STEM

The UGears STEM-lab series is a unique educational tool that will make science more entertaining and accessible for both children and adults. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This term is used to describe a unique interdisciplinary approach. This approach focuses on a hands-on method of studying these disciplines.

Students learn through hands-on projects and through real-life applications of each object of study. This approach is known as a skill- and project-based one as opposed to the more traditional one. The key aim is to nurture young talents in the field of technology and science. Additionally, the STEM method helps facilitate students’ personal development and growth. Research shows that the benefits of this approach extend far beyond strictly professional skills and knowledge.

Students tend to be more resilient and are prone to experiment more. Working on projects as a team enables them to create successful work environments. It also teaches them the most important interpersonal skills.

STEM-lab is a long-awaited project by UGears that is aiming to help children and adults build their own home laboratories. Being in charge of a tech lab or your own is a great way to encourage your child to not be afraid to move forward, be creative, and responsible.

UGears Pendulum

The UGears STEM-lab Pendulum could be considered one of the most easily-recognizable sets in the series. We know pendulum as an important part of a mechanical clock. With the help of the UGears STEM-lab Pendulum set you will learn who invented it and all the various other areas it is used in. What is more, you will be able to assemble it and learn the basic principle behind it work. The gear unit with a windup wheel sets the Pendulum in motion, allowing its mechanical magic to unravel before your eyes.

UGears Counter

The UGears Counter is an intriguing set that can have a wide variety of applications once you assemble it. As the name suggests, the Counter could be used to count values from 1 to 999. The model features a click button on top and a turn handle. Both the click button and the turn handle record values. Then, the 3-digit screen displays the current number in the count. So you can choose any counting method depending on the objects you are in the mood of counting today.

UGears Differential

The UGears Differential set could be a perfect gift for any car lover. The Differential controls the wheels of the car as a part of its transmission. Its role is to provide a higher level of performance and maneuverability for the vehicle. You can use the control lever to regulate locking the wheels one by one when making turns or to allow them to either lock or rotate simultaneously.

UGears Gearbox

The UGears Gearbox features a different part of a car transmission. The gearbox allows drivers to switch between gears and control a car’s speed. This manual Gearbox features 4 gears where I provides the slowest and III – the fastest speed. Additionally, the Reverse position of the gear switching lever will make the wheels rotate in the opposite direction.

Each set in the STEM-lab series comes with a Pocket Study Guide and a detailed illustrated Manual. Additionally, you can take an even closer look at the newly-assembled mechanism by downloading a UGears STEM-lab app. The app not only tells the story and all the applications of the mechanism in real life but also adds an augmented reality experience as you can point at your model with your phone or tablet and zoom in on it and see it from different angles on the screen.