Best Mother’s Day Gifts


This year we are forced to celebrate Mother’s Day in unusual circumstances. You might be among the lucky ones who are spending this wonderful holiday with their family. Or maybe you have to use video conferencing platforms and apps to connect with your loved ones. Whichever it is, you cannot miss this Mother’s Day, as it is the best time to show your support and love. Needless to say, we all need some extra care in these uncertain times.

In our previous blog posts, we already discussed why the UGears 3d puzzle sets were an ideal lockdown accessory. First of all, it is a great way to take your mind off the current events. Secondly, mental activities like that are perfect for exercising your brain when you cannot go to work or study. And lastly, puzzle evenings could become a new family tradition and a source of warm and happy memories for the years to come.

We are glad to share with you our lift of Mother’s Day gift suggestions.


The UGears Antique Box set is one of those that catch your eye immediately. Whether you see it in an online catalog or on a shelf in someone’s room or office. The unusual appearance of the Antique Box makes you want to reach out your arms, carefully pick it up, and closely examine. Believe it or not, but the intricately-carved wooden exterior is not the only thing that is unique about this set. The beautiful oriental and floral ornaments are hiding a mechanical secret that only the owner of the box will know.

The Antique Box has been inspired by the Victorian-era artifacts that were wildly popular among the noble families of the time. The sophisticated latch system is not the only thing that brings us back to those equally poeticized and deprecated times. The lifting of the carved latch of the box reveals several inner compartments. The hidden mechanism allows the lower compartments to elegantly slide from underneath, while the two upper ones gently slide to the sides. But wait, this is not it yet! The two buttons on the back of the box lift the lids above the two secret compartments that are not visible at first glance.

This simple action increases the number of compartments from six to eight allowing you to store more jewelry, small valuable items, and knick-knacks.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts - UGears USA 1


The UGears Butterfly set is one of the very few UGears puzzles that drew inspiration from animate objects. This is the first reason why it is so unique. The second one lies in the sophisticated mechanism that allows the Butterfly to move so life-like as it is hovering above the beautiful flower.

Just like many other UGears models, the Butterfly features a self-propelled mechanism that sets its wings in motion. The two sets of hind legs of the Butterfly start the motor and send the Butterfly to gently rock above the flower in front of it.

The stunning blend of engineering and natural beauty, the UGears Butterfly comes with two sets of wings. The set includes the colorful and the blank ones for those who would love to customize this wonderful set and paint the wings themselves.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts - UGears USA 2


The UGears Carousel is one of the most recent sets that were released on May 1st. It is a charming tribute to the best memories of our childhood that are filled with laughter and the smell of popcorn. The Carousel’s design mimics the movement of the real-life merry-go-round. This is achieved by the means of the wind-up mechanism. The mechanism rotates the platform in one direction while the main axle is rotating in another one.
In addition, there are two lines of horse figurines that move independently from each other. And another sweet detail of the Carousel includes the birds that are ‘flying’ above the roof.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts - UGears USA 3


The UGears Treasure Box is a set that is similar to the very first one on this list, the Antique Box. And even though it looks less complex than it, the Treasure Box features a sophisticated mechanism and a secret key.

The Key is hidden among the immaculate ornaments on one of the sides of the Box. As soon as the key is turned in the lock on the cover of the box, the cover slides smoothly to the side. Together with the intricate carvings and the moving gears on the side of the box, this mechanical feature makes the Treasure Box set a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts - UGears USA 4


The UGears Timer is a fully-functioning timer that could also become a unique and exquisite tabletop decoration. A signature rubber-band mechanism powers this timepiece’s hand while the masterfully-carved gears move in since with the relaxing ‘tick-tock’ sounds.

What makes this set even more meditation-friendly is the adjustable roller pendulum. You can set the Timer for up to 20 minutes and just take a little break from everything, wherever you are.

We hope that this list will help you make the right decision and help you make someone a little bit happier this Mother’s Day.