Family comes first!

Family comes first! | UGears USA 1

Parent – kid magic

There is something unspeakably beautiful about the way we pass on our knowledge, skills and aspirations to our kids. They will choose to follow some paths, but not others. What’s important, though, is for them to have the options, the freedom of choice and the support of their loving parents. UGears invites you to embark of an adventure for the whole family, assemble that model together with your loved ones and marvel at the resulting piece of wooden art!

Family comes first! | UGears USA 2

Ugears top models for any taste!

Boys grow, get their families and eventually many become fathers. Growing older and wiser doesn’t mean that you abandon your childhood passions, however! Steam away to unknown lands in Ugears V-express Steam Train. Are you in for long road trips? Need to deliver some valuable cargo across the continent? Ugears Heavy Boy Truck won’t disappoint! Have you always loved the open skies and longed for the freedom of flight? Choose the Ugears Aviator model to pursue that passion. A lover of classy vintage vehicles? What better way to do that than assemble Ugears Dream Cabriolet and marvel at its elegant beauty? If you care about the environment and being fit and healthy, consider our Automation Cyclist mechanical set! Whichever option you choose, tons of excitement are guaranteed!

Family comes first! | UGears USA 3

Father’s Day special offer

We are glad to announce the Father’s Day campaign from June 11th to June 18th. We are offering a special discount of 15 % for the chosen models, an ideal present for Father’s Day!
Simply visit , choose your UGears model and let the fun begin!