Fathers choose UGears

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Spending quality time with your kid

Whether it’s drawing, doing a sport, playing an instrument or simply having a light-hearted chat over a cup of morning coffee, the time we spend with our children is truly invaluable. Assembling Ugears models is an exciting way which the whole family can take part in.

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A range of models to choose from

There are sets to suit all ages and tastes. Music lovers may choose Hurdy-Gurdy, a musical instrument which can actually be played once assembled. Those with passion for adventure and exploration may be interested in our Research Vessel model. The lovers of speed, wild wind and romantic road trips may choose Ugears Scrambler UGR-10 motorbike. If you are the type of person who would rather unwind by pedalling away into the scenic countryside, check out the Automation Cyclist model. Fans of the Wild West era and vintage pieces of technology can opt for the V-express Steam Train. Take a look at these and many more – there is definitely a model for you!

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Special offer on Father’s Day

In the spirit of supporting family values, we are offering a special discount of 15 % for the chosen models, which would make an ideal gift for Father’s Day! Simply visit ugearsmodels.us , order your UGears mechanical set and let the adventure begin!

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