Evolution of Spirit: UGears SCRAMBLER UGR-10 WITH SIDECAR



Why choose the bike?

We, humans, have always been enchanted with the idea of freedom and choosing our ways and the motorbike is a near-perfect embodiment of this vision. Whether it’s dodging long waits in traffic jams on daily commutes, leisurely no-purpose cruising around the neighborhood on a crisp autumn morning, long-haul globe-circling adventure rides, doing crazy gravity-defying stunts or trying to beat your own speed record and racing everything that moves on the road, whatever the odds, the bike may be the ultimate answer!

At the end of the nineteenth century mechanics enthusiasts Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Germany presented Daimler Reitwagen, the first combustion engine petroleum powered motorbike at a show in Munich. These ‘riding cars’, as the Germans called them at the time, soon went into mass production and the motorbike culture took off. The modern bike has gone a long way from its infancy days, featuring numerous safety, comfort and fun features and the worldwide count of these steel horses stands at hundreds of millions units.


Evolution of Spirit: UGears SCRAMBLER UGR-10 WITH SIDECAR - UGears USA 1


The Scrambler series

UGears chooses prototypes for its models with extreme care. When it came to motorbikes, UGears engineers got inspired by grace, beauty and mechanical features of one particular type of bike, which resulted in the new Scrambler UGR-10 bike from UGears, a fun set for the whole family to enjoy!

Although many original Scrambler bike producers went out of business, there are numerous renowned firms offering their Scrambler type bikes to the modern-day public. The top ones are Triumph, Ducati, BMW, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki, so there are plenty of great-looking and well-performing options to choose from.


Evolution of Spirit: UGears SCRAMBLER UGR-10 WITH SIDECAR - UGears USA 2


The future of bikes

In the light of the ongoing COVID pandemic situation and the changes it keeps brining to the way people live their lives, the future of the bike as a means of personal transportation looks bright. The motorbike market is expected to grow significantly, reflecting the modern-day strive for social distancing and the need for mobility, combined with considerations about sustainability, saving resources and having a low impact on the environment. The bike, yet again, seems to be a great solution which satisfies all.

If you are a bike lover, it is likely that you knew most of the above. If not … Well, doesn’t it make you want to see for yourself? There’s a whole new world waiting, entirely within your reach. In order to step into that mysterious dimension, just get out there and check it out!