Cool surprise is fun woodworking on the weekend

UGears Safe

Keep your secrets safe

You can always find time for yourself and your hobbies. Invite friends or kids to assemble this wonderful safe. Treat yourself to several hours of pleasure from the assembly process. And when you can dial the secret code and get the result, you will be completely delighted. A Safe by UGEARS is a very interesting way to securely store your best memories and warm feelings. This is a real safe with a combination lock. The safe is opened with a set of the appropriate secret combination. It must have three figures.

Cool surprise is fun woodworking on the weekend - UGears USA 1 

Unusual games

Also, the safe is witty entertainment. For example, you can put a prize into the safe. And then you can present a closed safe. Offer the whole company a game of “bear cubs”! A person can try to open the safe by listening to the sounds inside or simply turning the handle at random. It will be fun and unusual guaranteed. The main thing is to explain the principles of opening the lock to the “bearers”. But if the intrigue drags on too long, you can simply announce the code.

UGears Safe

Rules for opening a safe

First, reset the code lock. Turn the safe’s handle counterclockwise (to the left) one or two turns. Now you can enter the code.

1 – Scroll the knob counterclockwise (left) to the first number from 1 to 9. Stop there.

2 – Now turn the knob clockwise (to the right) to zero. After passing zero, continue to turn the knob to the right to the second digit of the code from 1 to 9. Stop there.

3 – Turn the knob counterclockwise (to the left) again to the third digit of the code.

If the combination is correct on the third digit, the safe will click and open by itself.

To close the safe again – close the door, and turn the handle counterclockwise (to the left). The lock will close by itself.

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