Automaton Cyclist from Ugears

UGears Automaton Cyclist

Pleasant memories

In April 2020 a small group of English students in Kharkiv (a big city in eastern Ukraine) combined their English class with a fun and engaging activity: assembling a Ugears wooden model called ‘Automaton Cyclist’. The mechanical puzzle features a tiny figure of a sportsman pedaling away on his way to the finish line, overcoming his tiredness, shrugging off the exhaustion and welcoming the challenge! Due to the russian invasion of Ukraine and their everyday missile assault of Kharkiv – located a mere 25 miles from the border – those good days are gone no one has the ability to study offline, but the fond memories stay on. Hopefully, smiles, peaceful skies, education and engaging in fun activities (like assembling Ugears kits) can return to this land soon enough!

UGears Automaton Cyclist

Sport is best

With the ‘Automaton Cyclist’ mechanical model Ugears have honored everyone who understands the true value of sport. The effort one puts in, the training, the passion. The strive for victory and the occasional disappointment of defeat. The comradery, the euphoria of victory. They are all a part of sport, but there is much more to it. There is satisfaction of growth, of trying to beat the odds, of being unafraid to make another step to become a better version of ourselves!

UGears Automaton Cyclist

A great way to spend time with your family!

Family and loved ones are at the top of anyone’s priority list, that much is beyond doubt. Presenting someone who matters to you with a wooden puzzle kit may be a great opportunity to do a fun new activity with them. Assembling a model takes time, attention, and playful cooperation. Visit to see the full range of Ugears models for any taste!

Support Ukraine!

Originating from Ukraine, our company regularly donates to the struggle against the russian occupiers. Certain countries apparently still believe in the right of conquest, the law of the jungle and would gladly drag the world back to the Dark Ages. Do your bit to support Ukraine, fighting against that vile narrow-minded philosophy.

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