Building Wooden Car Doors

UGears Cabriolet


Today we are happy to introduce one of our best friends to you closer. His name is Ryan. You can find it on different social networks under the name. He makes amazing posts with our models. Moreover, each model is unique because he colors them. And on June 2 he published a new article on Medium. It is about the assembly of the Dream Cabriolet.

UGears Cabriolet

What about?

The article says about Dream Cabriolet as we have mentioned earlier. To be precise it is about the doors of this kit.  Ryan describes the functionality, instructions, all the pieces and the process of assembly. Also, you can get some tips for the assembly of all Ugears kits. We are sure that you will be amazed by this Pimp-Mobile cabriolet.

UGears Cabriolet

You can do it

We are happy to see art and creativity. And we are happy when you share your experience. It can help others with the assembly. And it is at least very interesting!  It is awesome to discuss the process in comments, isn`t it? So, you can be the next! Share your experience with our big UGears family!