Celebrate Father’s Day with Ugears!

Fathers Day

High five, Dad!

Fathers are important in every kid’s life. A father who cares for his kids and their mum is an example to be followed, an example of what a real man should be, a shoulder to lean on in difficult times. With the upcoming Father’s Day in mind, we invite you to think about Father’s role in the life of your family!

Father's Day

Father’s Day Top Picks

Every man is an adventurer at heart. Support this passion and give your beloved something that reminds them of exploration, the beauty of the open sea and the unknown. Ugears Research Vessel wooden puzzle kit is a great choice for such people. Get aboard a V-express Steam Train, the Ugears mechanical model for those who love rail travel and everything connected to it. Your treasure is safe with Ugears classic 3D puzzle: the Safe model kit. No matter how hard those burglars try, they won’t be able to crack the code of this marvel of model making. Hurdy-Gurdy is the answer for those madly in love with music and creating their own melodies. Become the new Nigel Eaton with the help of the real musical instrument you’ve created with your own hands!

Father's Day

The Family Spirit

Ugears wooden models are more than just toys: they bring families together in a fun and engaging activity. Build your own masterpiece with your own hands and enjoy every minute of it!

Father's Day

The promotion will last from 06th June to 19th June and will include a special 15% – 25% discount on the above models. It is a great chance to present an engaging and meaningful gift, not just as a toy, but as a means to get the family together. Get involved into the model assembly and combine it with simply enjoying each other’s company! Visit www.ugearsmodels.us to see all available options and make the choice which suits your mum the best!

Ukraine: more than 100 days of resistance

Ugears models come from Ukraine and we stay in touch with our comrades back home, fighting for their land, the ability to charter their way in life, and the right to make their choices, as a nation. After a hundred days of suffering and horror, Ukraine still stands firm – the struggle continues.

Support Ukraine

Find out how to support everything that’s right by following this link: https://ugearsmodels.us/support-ukraine