Best UGears Puzzles for Father’s Day. Part 2


As Father’s Day is approaching, we are happy to help your search for the perfect gift a little bit easier. Earlier this week we have been looking at the best 3d puzzles by UGears that could make this Father’s Day special for your dad. In case you haven’t found what you have been looking for in the first part of our guide, get ready to find the perfect Father’s Day gift in this second part.

Most UGears puzzles feature a rubber-band mechanism that sets them in motion and could even be self-propelled. All of the sets are made from high-grade plywood and are ready-to-assemble once you get them out of the box. You don’t need to cut these parts out of their wooden frames, just gently push on them to get them out. You also don’t need to use glue or any other tools that you have to look for in your house.

Earlier, we were looking at gifts for dads who love board games, sci-fi, boats, and iconic means of transportation. let’s see what we have prepared for you – and your dad – this time.


Motorcycles have been the source of fascination for generations of men. Whether your dad has one or not, it is unlikely that he would say ‘no’ to a miniature copy of this iconic vehicle. The UGears Bike VM-02 is a highly-detailed set that features a rubber-band motor. Once this motor is wound-up, it allows the Bike to cover a distance up to 9 feet in a single setting.

An additional perk of this set is the aesthetically pleasing view of the shifting pistons of the motor. This creates an even more life-like look of this set. Additionally, the Bike has a wide rear tire that provides for its stability. You can also turn the Bike’s handlebar or set it on its stand to use as a stylish element of decor.


Best UGears Puzzles for Father’s Day. Part 2 - UGears USA 1

The UGears Safe is an interesting model that illustrates how this mechanism works. The Safe is equipped with a latch lock that is a miniature copy of the real-life ones. The set takes between 4 and 8 hours to assemble. This puts it into an ‘Intermediate’ assembly difficulty category. But the key thing about all UGears sets is that the fun doesn’t end once the assembly process is over.

Start turning the knob carefully while listening to the clicking sounds. Whether your dad has evet cracked a safe before or not, we have him covered. To make everything easier, the instruction manual provides the basic algorithm for opening the lock. This way your dad can focus on the mechanism itself, as well as all the important things he can store in the Safe.


Best UGears Puzzles for Father’s Day. Part 2 - UGears USA 2

The UGears Hurdy-Gurdy is a great set for musicians. In case you haven’t heard about this unique musical instrument before, a Hurdy-Gurdy dates back to 16th century France, according to some sources. The sound of this instrument resembles a bagpipe and a violin. While it looks more like a violin or a guitar. It was used by street musicians and this way spread across Europe quite fast.

However, the UGears Hurdy-Gurdy set is not just a beautifully-carved copy of a historic musical instrument. Firstly, it is an elegant way to compliment your dad’s passion for music. And secondly, and more importantly, it is a fully-functioning musical instrument. Once your dad assembles this set, he needs to tune it. Then, he will need to crank the handle with one hand. Using fingers on the other hand he will have to push the wooden buttons on the side of the instrument’s neck. A bonus of this wonderful set is a tablature that comes with every UGears Hurdy-Gurdy.


Best UGears Puzzles for Father’s Day. Part 2 - UGears USA 3

The UGears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 is a great gift for car enthusiasts. First of all, it sports an iconic 1950s vehicle look that is easily recognizable. Secondly, this set stands out among the other ones because it offers a stunning level of detail. And what is more, the cabriolet features a fully-functioning V-8 configuration engine that provides for the car’s forward and reverse movement. And as if that wasn’t enough, the front wheel springs and rear leaf springs provide the smooth movement of this model.

As for the high level of life-like elements, the Cabriolet has every imaginable detail. Your dad might need a few moments to appreciate the fully-functioning steering wheel, moving window cranks and windshield wipers, trunk and hood opening mechanisms, reclining front seats, and so on.


Best UGears Puzzles for Father’s Day. Part 2 - UGears USA 4

If your old man is into cars, then the chances are that he already knows their key elements. However, a new take to a familiar subject could turn out to be equally as exciting as something that is completely new. The UGears STEM-lab series is focusing on educational puzzle sets that help children get hands-on knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (hence the name). The principle behind sets like that is to show the real-life applications of mechanisms that we come across in our everyday lives.

The UGears STEM-lab Differential is a one of the four sets in the series. As you probably know, a differential is an essential part of a motorized vehicle that allows it to maneuver better and smoother. Just like its real-life prototype, the UGears Differential features the wheel looking system that is controlled by a lever. This system allows you to either lock or unlock both wheels as well as allow them to rotate independently.

You might want to get this set together with some other ones in the same series. Such as the UGears STEM-lab Gearbox with 4 gears for example.

Each part of the UGears 3d puzzle is easily connected to another. This makes the assembly process stress-free and enjoyable. Additionally, each set comes with a beautifully-illustrated manual that will guide you through each step. UGears puzzles come in 3 assembly difficulty categories: from ‘easy’ to ‘hard’. This makes them equally fun to work on on your own or in a small group of people to share the experience and create unique memories.