Best Summer Puzzles. Part 1

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As we are reaching mid- June and are finally starting to spend more and more time outside, it is time to look for something extra that might make these summer days more exciting.

All UGears 3d puzzles are made from high-grade plywood and are 100% eco-friendly. They do not require any additional tools for their assembly apart from everything that you see once you open the box. Breathe in the magnificent natural wood aroma and gently push the puzzle pieces from the wooden frames. Connect the pieces together using by clicking in the parts. Forget about glue, screwdrivers, and other tools you would have to use for other construction kits.

What is more, each UGears puzzle set comes with a colorfully-illustrated manual. It will guide you through the assembly process and make it as enjoyable as the beautiful set that you will get as a result.


Nothing says ‘summer’ like a beautiful colorful butterfly! The UGears Butterfly is a stunning set that could become an elegant decorative element and a centerpiece of your living room or an office. The Butterfly is gently hovering over a flower while flapping its wings in a series of life-like motions.

Rubber bands and a self-propelled motor set the Butterfly’s body in motion. An elastic band allows the butterfly to slightly bounce above the platform. The platform itself features the second character of the story, the Flower. The hind legs of the Butterfly are in fact stop/launch levers that start the rubber-band motor.

Additionally, this Butterfly set includes two pairs of wings: the one you see in the photo and the one that you can easily customize yourself.


Best Summer Puzzles. Part 1 - UGears USA 1
Are you ready for evenings with your friends or family when you sing and play musical instruments and make unforgettable memories? How about bringing a completely new element to these fun-filled musical evenings?

The UGears Hurdy-Gurdy set is a special treat for everyone who loves music. Firstly, it is a replica of a historic musical instrument that was popular in 16th-century France. This makes it an elegant tribute to the rich history of music. The Hurdy-Gurdy is definitely going to raise some eyebrows while your friends will overload you with questions. Secondly, it is a fully-functioning musical instrument! If your friends haven’t been surprised before, they will definitely be blown away at this point.

The Hurdy-Gurdy sounds like a mix of a violin and a bagpipe. It features a set of strings and buttons on its neck that you will use to play. As a special treat, this set comes with a tubulature to help you practice before the next get-together. And do not forget to tune the Hurdy-Gurdy before use!


Best Summer Puzzles. Part 1 - UGears USA 2

The Mars Buggy is a charming little model that pays tribute to the new and exciting space exploration era that we are entering now with the recent successful SpaceX launch and brave plans regarding the Mars colonization.

One of the key features of this set is its smart set of wheels that allows the space rover to run across the table and even climb over small obstacles. The roof of the Buggy features a compartment for small cargo while this is the level of detail of this little model that make it truly remarkable. This is why you can see the camera the side of the cabin, the ladder at the back of the Buggy as well as solar panels on its roof. But this is not all. The Buggy sports a powerful rubber-band motor and a tiny image of Mars in the front, as a cute perk.


Best Summer Puzzles. Part 1 - UGears USA 3

The UGears Monowheel is a great set for a walk outdoors. The Monowheel is not just a peculiar-looking steam-punk set. This is a replica of a historical vehicle from the early-20th-century projects. And it moves on its own on any surface as well!

The Monowheel boasts an open exterior design that allows easy access to the rubber bands that are the key elements of the motor that powers this set. Wind up the motor and watch the Monowheel cover a distance of up to 13 feet. Additionally, the Monowheel operates in two modes: the standard one and the second that allows you to limit its motion in case you don’t want it to run away too far.

This is the first part of our summer puzzles list by UGears and we are sure that if you haven’t found something that would make this June special for you, the right puzzle for you will be featured in the second part of this article.