Best Summer Puzzles. Part 2


If you haven’t yet decided what to do this summer yet, while we are slowly returning to our ordinary lifestyle, it is time for the second part of our list of the best summer puzzles by UGears. You might be surprised to find out that puzzles do not necessarily require that you stay at home and make sure you don’t lose any of the pieces. But in the case of these UGears puzzles, they would be happy to accompany you in any ventures you decide to part take in.

Every UGears 3d puzzle set features a mechanical twist that keeps every toy model educational and entertaining long after its assembly is over.  Every piece of the puzzle comes in a delicately-pre-cut wooden frame from high-grade plywood. Everything you need for the assembly process is in the box. These are the eco-friendly wooden parts of the puzzle, an illustrated assembly manual, and the rubber-bands that are a part of the wind-up mechanism that power each mechanical set. Now that you have opened the box, you only need is a few hours of your time to create a mechanical masterpiece that pleasantly smells of natural wood.


What could describe summer mood better than a convertible? The UGears Roadster VM-01 set is a stylish tribute to the first automotive creations in human history. But what makes this set especially stunning is the impeccable balance between the visual appeal and its performance qualities.

The Roadster boasts a high-level of detail, like many other UGears sets. Here you can find a highly-accurate copy of  an 8-cylinder engine with moving valves. Simply lift the trunk to watch them in motion as the Roadster moves forward with the help of its self-propelled motor. Speaking of the motion, the Roadster can cover up to 13 feet in one setting.

To make this elegant model even more realistic, the UGears engineers added an automatic transmission with forwarding, reverse, and neutral positions. Additionally, you can turn the steering wheel manually to make the Roadster change directions.


Best Summer Puzzles. Part 2 - UGears USA 1

The UGears Flight Starter is a hand-held ballistic device that is perfect for a sunny day outdoors. While many UGears sets draw inspiration from objects and mechanisms from history and our everyday life, the Flight Starter is something completely different. This is a unique invention by the UGears engineers that looks and acts like a mix of a spacecraft launchpad and a blaster. This launchpad can be used to launch paper planes and any other type of light aircraft in the air.

How does the Flight Starter work? Firstly, it uses the rubber-band motor that creates tension. When released, the rubber band sends the little cargo on the launchpad flying. Once you place your light aircraft on the base of the Flight Starter, a special lock will keep it in place. To launch your aircraft, turn the Flight Starter winding crank and then release the trigger. This simple sequence of actions will launch the aircraft up to 100 feet in the air. What could be better than a competitive game of paper planes launch in the park?


Best Summer Puzzles. Part 2 - UGears USA 2

The UGears Tractor is a fun and light-weight set that is perfect for beginners in the world of construction sets. The Tractor is a cute and fun set to assemble for the smallest fans of mechanics as it only takes between 1 and 3 hours to assemble. The model is, of course, equipped, with a rubber-band motor that sets the Tractor in motion.

Even though the Tractor could not be further from winning the ‘Most fast’ category, it still has its perks. It can move on a flat surface at a speed of about only 2 inches per second. But it also has a real life-like transmission switch features “park”, “drive” and “sport” motion options.


Best Summer Puzzles. Part 2 - UGears USA 3

Much like the UGears Flight Starter, the UGears Wolf-01 Handgun could become a great companion for outdoor games this summer. This model is also powered by a smart mechanism that shoots rubber bands. This makes the Handgun safe and fun. To amplify its safety feature, the UGears engineers have added a safety lock that will keep your friends away from the dangers of friendly fire.

But to make this set even more fun, we have added a quick-release fixture that will allow you to focus more on the strategy of your warfare. Another bonus is a secret compartment for rubber bands.

We hope that our list of summer puzzles by UGears has helped you make plans for some of the downtime during this first summer month. We are sure that our summer UGears puzzles will help create summer mood for yourself, your friends, and family.