Best 3d puzzles for long assembly. Part 1


The world is slowly returning back to normal. And while we all understand that it might be a slower process than we would hope it to be, there is not much we can do on our side to affect it. There are things in your life that you cannot control, and that gives you the benefit of becoming flexible and explore other ways of making your downtime more exciting. If you are ready to set everything aside for a long period, then we have some good news for you.

Today we will be looking at the best 3d puzzle sets by UGears for long assembly. Each set might take you between 9 and 16 hours to complete! And this definitely going to be time well-spent as these are some of our most loved and innovative sets.

All UGears 3d puzzle sets come fully-equipped with everything you need for a carefree and fun assembly process. Open the box to instantly feel the unmatched aroma of high-grade natural plywood and feel its texture. All the puzzle pieces are pre-cut and do not require any additional tools to connect them together. Also in the box, you will find a beautifully-illustrated manual that will make the next several hours as exciting and challenging as they can be.


The Ugears Horse Mechanoid is a unique 3d puzzle set. If you are familiar with other UGears sets, you probably know that our engineers and designers usually draw their inspiration from the mechanical objects from various eras.  This is however not the case with this set. The Horse Mechanoid is a one-of-a-kind mechanical horse that is made from natural wood and is powered by a rubber-band mechanism. You can probably guess that it is easier to make a small wooden copy of a V-8 car engine than a wooden model of a living being that can move as smoothly as the real one.

The UGears engineers decided to give the Horse Mechanoid their best and implemented a special claw mechanism that ensures all the Horse’s appendages are moving in sync and as life-like as possible. Additionally, you can find a pendulum in the Horse’s chest that makes sure it retains its balance as it is moving forward. The Horse Mechanoid consists of 410 parts and is one of the more challenging sets to assemble. But in the end, you get a great mechanical toy and a stylish interior decor accessory.


Best 3d puzzles for long assembly. Part 1 - UGears USA 1

The UGears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 is a toy car most kids dream about and most adults used to dream of when they were kids. It has the appearance of the iconic 1950 vehicle with such a level of detail that it will easily take you back to that era. Equipped with a fully-functioning V-8 configuration engine, the Cabroilet easily moves forward and in reverse. If you would like to peek under the car’s trunk and see the tiny engine valves in motion, set the Cabroilet in ‘idle’. Surprisingly enough, this is not all, as this stylish convertible also features front-wheel springs and rear leaf springs that are responsible for its smooth and life-like movement.

Additionally, you would be pleased to find out that the Cabriolet sports a fully-functioning steering wheel. The front part of the vehicle has moving window cranks and windshield wipers. Its trunk and hood feature smart opening mechanisms. And get ready to be completely blown away when you find reclining front seats, and much more.


Best 3d puzzles for long assembly. Part 1 - UGears USA 2

The UGears V-Express Steam Train is one of the most popular UGears sets. And although it is one of the most challenging and sophisticated ones, it doesn’t stop it from being the top seller every other month. This comes as no surprise at all as everything about the Steam Train is screaming about high-quality engineering and smart and innovative details.

Like many other UGears models, the Steam Train is powered by a  rubber-band motor that can be wound-up. This allows the Train to travel for up to 13 feet in a single setting. Additionally, it can be switched between forward, back and idle positions with the help of a special lever. An additional bonus of this set is the high level of detail which includes many moving elements, such as a locking hatch and dropping sides. If you have several hours of spare time, (even if it is almost 16 hours!) the Train will not disappoint you!

If you are done with these beautiful sets but are still hungry for more challenging sets, stay tuned for the next part of our article about long assembly puzzles in the ‘Hard’ category that will be published later this week.