Best 3d Puzzles for Small Groups. Part 2


Today we can finally start spending more time with our friends and family members. How to make this time that we have been waiting so long to arrive even more memorable and exciting? A great way to make outstanding memories is to come up with an activity that everyone in the group can enjoy.

Just like team building activities that make companies stronger, they also form strong friendships and interpersonal connections. We as social creatures value our social life. Having a rich social life is known to be important for both our physical and psychological well-being. Research has shown that group activities increase our motivation, boost our creativity, and improve our communicative skills. This is why we can all benefit from team activities on many levels outside of our workplace as well.

Below is the second part of our list of the perfect 3d puzzle sets for small groups. Call your team over for an evening together. And then choose from a variety of puzzle set themes to make this time with family or friends exciting, educational, and beneficial for your psychological health.


The UGears Trimaran Merihobus is a unique puzzle set for many reasons. Firstly, it’s one of the few nautical theme sets and the only one that is in a ‘Hard’ assembly-level category. Secondly, the Merihobus features an unmatched amount of little details that turn it into an exact copy of a classic yacht.

Many of the more sophisticated UGears models feature an open exterior. This allows you to get a better view of the moving gears and rubber-band motors in action. This is also the case with the Merihobus: the model sports an exquisite open design that makes this 237-part puzzle light and elegant.

Moreover, this outstanding model includes everything a true boat lover will look for in a realistic boat model: bulkheads, frames, beams, winches, rigging, and hulls. True boat enthusiasts would also enjoy the fact that this set is not only highly-detailed but is also fully functional. To start with, the staysail drum is located in the front of the boat.  There is a lever that pulls the sheet of the boom to operate the sail booms. Once the boat has reached its destination, you can drop an anchor using an automatic-tensioning mechanism that is located inside the ship’s body. Another perk of this set is the hydro fins that not only male the model stable but also create the elevation that mimics the position of the yacht when it is battling the ocean tides.

A cherry on top of this beautiful set is a tiny seahorse silhouette in the bow of the boat. If you have been wondering about the unusual name of this set, then this is the answer to your questions.


Best 3d Puzzles for Small Groups. Part 2 - UGears USA 1

The UGears Aviator is an interesting set for those who are looking to extend the fun beyond the assembly process or are looking for an animated set that could become a whimsical addition to the decor of their study or office. Another unique feature of this 3d puzzle is that it is a 3-in-1 set.

The key three elements of this puzzle are the flight control tower, the helicopter, and the airplane.  Use a unique opportunity to try your best at being an aircraft operator with this set! Simply use the control tower to launch and navigate the aircraft of your choice: an airplane or a helicopter. In addition, you can set them into roll and pitch modes. What is more, you can control both the speed and motion of the chosen aircraft.

Like many other UGears sets, this one utilizes the wind-up motor. You can find the motor in the control tower. It takes no more than 25 turns for a full wind.


Best 3d Puzzles for Small Groups. Part 2 - UGears USA 2

The UGears Tower Windmill is a great gift for someone who is not only interested in mechanics but is also literature affectionate. This wonderful set is paying tribute to one of the most well-known literature metaphors. Drawing the inspiration from the world literature classics, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha book by  Miguel de Cervantes, this set is however bound to satisfy both those of us who are familiar with Windmill-battling scene and those who are not.

But apart from being an elegant literary illustration, this set could be used to demonstrate how windmills really work. Like many other UGears sets, the Tower Windmill employs the self-propelled rubber-band mechanism. The mechanism makes sure the windmill blades rotate and produce a mainstream just like those of the real windmill. You can use a blow-dryer as an imitation of the real wind. This will set the blades in motion as well.


Best 3d Puzzles for Small Groups. Part 2 - UGears USA 3

The UGears Locomotive is one of the most popular 3d puzzle sets by UGears. There are multiple reasons for it. Firstly, the amount of detail in this set is truly stunning. The Locomotive imitates the motion of the gear of an iconic steam-powered engine even though it uses the traditional rubber-band motor just like all the other self-powered UGears sets.  Another typical trait of this set is an open exterior. It allows the viewers to watch the work of the asynchronous pistons and valves. They are connected to drive wheels through moving rods and linkages.

Secondly, there are several UGears Locomotive sets, and this one comes with a stylish late-19-th-century platform. overall, this set includes the following:

  • Pair of crossing gates that raise and lower at the touch of a lever,
  • 13 feet of Rails,
  • Station clock,
  • Lamp post,
  • Bench.

What is more, the set includes a secret compartment that is hidden inside the platform.


Best 3d Puzzles for Small Groups. Part 2 - UGears USA 4

These are two different sets that however could be matched to create a truck that has all the chances to become the most impressive item of someone’s car model collection. The Truck cabin features many intricate details that add up to its charm. For example, one of the first things one would notice about it is the exhaust pipes and side mirrors that look just like the real ones.

The centerpiece of Heavy Boy Truck set is of course a rubber-band motor that powers it. Thanks to this motor, the Truck can cover up to 16 feet in one turn. Use the convenient and life-like connector system hook-up to join the Truck Trailer and the Truck cabin together. An interesting detail about the Trailer is that it doesn’t have walls, which allows you to put any small items inside and transport them anywhere using the self-propelled Truck cabin.

The sets in our ‘small group’ list are all within a ‘Hard’ assembly-level which allows you to split the tasks of assembling certain parts between the members of your team. This is ideal for groups of different ages and different expertise levels when it comes to construction kits.

All the UGears puzzle set come with their pieces pre-cut. This makes it easy to take them out of their wooden frames with just a gentle push. UGears uses only natural materials of the highest quality. Smell the aroma and feel the genuine texture of 100%-natural high-grade plywood as soon as you open your UGears box. Additionally, each set comes with an illustrated 11-language tutorial and doesn’t require any additional tools during the assembly as all the parts fit together just like jigsaw puzzle pieces: with little effort and a pleasant clicking sound.