Best 3d Puzzles for Small Groups. Part 1


The time when we are finally starting to again enjoy the company of each other and spend wonderful fun-filled evenings together has finally arrived. This is the right moment to think of an activity everyone can engage in. After all, this is the time we have all been waiting for. What could be a better way to connect than to create something beautiful together?

3d puzzle sets by UGears are made from eco-friendly materials and do not require any special tools during their assembly. Each set is dedicated to illustrating a certain law of physics and mechanics.  The puzzle sets come in three difficulty levels: from ‘easy’ (between 1-3 hours to build) to ‘hard’ (9 to 16 hours). The aim of these sets is to teach children and adults in an entertaining and fun way. After the assembly, the UGears puzzle sets are still entertaining and educational as all of them feature moving mechanical parts. Additionally, these elegant models could become a perfect element of decor for a child’s bedroom, study, or office.

We have come up with a list of 3d puzzles that would be perfect for assembly in a small group. Whether your small group shares the same interests or is even of different age, UGears puzzles are a great way to bring everyone together and create long-lasting memories. Let’s take a look at the first part of this list in this article.


This puzzle set is a real treat for the fans of vintage cars and the automotive industry in general. Packed with clever little details and genuine exterior design ideas, this is a perfect set for a group assembly. Everyone would be able to play their role in creating this easily-recognizable 50s classic convertible. This model features a striking level of detail. It has a fully functioning steering wheel, moving window cranks and windshield wipers, trunk and hood opening mechanisms, reclining front seats, and much more.

The stylish exterior of the VM-05 is hiding an impressive miniature replica of the iconic V-8 engine that is, on top of everything else, fully-functional. A rubber-band that is the signature part of the majority of the UGears’ 3d puzzles is the centerpiece of this set too. The Cabriolet can move forward and in reverse. Additionally, you can switch to ‘idle’ and just watch all the gears in action. But even this is not all! The stylish convertible moves as smoothly and realistically as its real-life mid-century prototype. Front wheel springs and rear leaf springs make sure that the Cabriolet moves as steadily and gracefully as a real car.

This is a tough set to assemble, as it is estimated between 9 and 16 hours to be completed. When you are with your friends or family, however, you will most likely assemble it way faster and will definitely have more fun in the process as well!


Best 3d Puzzles for Small Groups. Part 1 - UGears USA 1

If your puzzle assembly team is more into animals than technology, we still have something unique to offer you! The UGears is a puzzle set that stands out for a number of reasons. First of all, this is the first attempt of the UGears engineers to create a mechanical puzzle that moves exactly like a living being. Secondly, this is a set that is not easy to assemble. This is why you will also need some teamwork to make the Horse come to life. And while the individual assembly would take approximately between 9 and 16 hours, the collective effort could reduce this time significantly.

The Mechanoid not only looks like a real horse but it also moves like one. Just like the previous model, this set is powered by a rubber-band motor. The motor is connected to the movable elements. Additionally, the Horse features a pendulum mechanism that creates balance and life-like motion during movement.


Best 3d Puzzles for Small Groups. Part 1 - UGears USA 2

The UGears Rail Manipulator is an elegant steam-punk-style set that features many parts that can easily be assembled separately from each other. It is a puzzle set from the Mechanical Town series, which means that, firstly, it includes small character figurines and, secondly, it could be combined with other sets from this series to create a unique mechanical city of your own.

The centerpiece of this puzzle set is, of course, the Manipulator itself. It is a mechanical claw with three levers that sits on a platform on the rails. The three levers control lifting, lowering, and holding of four foot supports. The levers are used to keep the Manipulator claw steady whenever it is loading or unloading cargo using the freight carriage. The operator cabin of the Manipulator controls the turns of the claw platform. The 90-degree turn, that is also known as the free mode allows the platform to rotate freely. The 180-degree turn, which you could also call the loading mode, locks it in order to keep it still during the cargo loading.

The Rail Manipulator puzzle set comes with the following:

  • 2 sections of rails,
  • A shed under construction,
  • 2 shipping crates with doors,
  • A crane,
  • A freight carriage,
  • Five characters, which include a roofer with a hammer, a worker who is holding up signal flags for the Manipulator operator, an operator himself, and two more workers: one with a shovel and another one with a wrench.

The number of parts in this set, the characters that can interact both between themselves and with the Manipulator equipment, make this set ideal for a group of children. We guarantee that they will love to continue playing with this set once it is assembled.


Best 3d Puzzles for Small Groups. Part 1 - UGears USA 3

The UGears Robot Factory is a set that is quite similar to the previous one. It is also a part of the Mechanical Town series. This makes it a perfect addition to the first one in case it was a huge success with your small group during the previous get-together.

The Robot Factory is a miniature copy of a typical manufacturing facility together with a fully-functioning assembly line. An important mechanical element of this set is the Geneva drive that you can find in many real-life mechanisms. To set the assembly line in motion, simply wind up the mechanism and place the robot parts in the right spots.

The Factory includes:

  • A monorail that is running along the perimeter,
  • A forklift that delivers spare parts and tools,
  • A ramp for the vehicles,
  • Miniature worker figurines,
  • Small freight crates,
  • Robot figurines with moving parts and a control cabin.

We cut all the UGears puzzle set parts before they  After you open the package, you only need to gently push the parts out of their high-quality plywood frames. Each set includes a manual with colorful illustrations and directions in 11 languages. We design our sets in order to make your experience with them the most enjoyable and exciting.