3D Puzzles that bring the past to life



The past is in the past. Time is a like a flowing river – each time you step into it the water washing over your body is not going to be the same. Since it’s gone, it’s impossible to grasp it and judge about all events with complete certainty, especially those not witnessed by our generation. Yes, we have histories and books, memoirs and monuments, but those are only the perceptions of the people living then and largely a product of how they interpreted their surroundings. Therefore, the real story is often hidden – and everything hidden lures us with its enigma, with its mystery. Ugears models don’t unravel the mystery, but rather play along with it. We encourage this feeling of fascination with the past, as getting plain, simple and foolproof answers may not be what our souls actually desire. The ‘Butterfly’ mechanical model is not an actual butterfly or the ‘Horse’ is definitely not a real-life stallion, however they do make one marvel at how magnificent and complex nature is.

3D Puzzles that bring the past to life - UGears USA 1


Any unknown fact can be poetic. Any mundane chore, any seemingly insignificant event in life, any action. More so, when they come from the realm of the past. Ugears invites you to step into the past by creating your own artifact. An exquisite ‘Treasure box’ DIY model is something which lets you keep your valued personal memories, connecting you to the moment of an earlier you. The ‘Hurdy Gurdy’ puts a lovely melody into your hands and gives you a taste of the life of the musicians of old who created the foundation of the universal language of music, seemingly omnipresent these days. The flower model kit is simply a symbol of your affection, which can be presented to those who touch hidden strings in your being and lighten it up with their mere presence.

3D Puzzles that bring the past to life - UGears USA 2


We live in the era of wonders. What many of us take for granted today would have seemed like lunacy to our predecessors. Nevertheless, the breakthroughs of today owe to the persistence and hard work of their generation as well. The mechanical models with which Ugears science kits honor those achievements of old once again let the avid model maker walk the path of progress and enlightenment. The ‘Mechanical Box’, ‘Bike’, ‘Mono wheel’ and ‘Cabriolet’ are all outstanding examples of stages in the development of technology and the increasing awareness of the human race of alternative ways of managing the reality around. Just like these inventions made the people’s lives around the world more enjoyable meaningful and efficient, Ugears brings satisfaction and the feeling of achievement to those who assemble our wooden puzzles. They make ideal gifts for any occasion and the wide range of amazing science models available at www.ugearsmodels.us means there are options to satisfy every taste. Remember the past with a smile, while creating your own masterpiece from Ugears!