20-minute 3d puzzles


Science and doctors tell us that it is essential to take short breaks between activities in order to boost our focus and replenish our mental resources. In a word, these short breaks help recharge our brain battery. But how to make the most of these breaks? Especially when you do not have more than 20 minutes.

Regardless of the type of activity, we are involved in, it has been proven that short 15-to-20-minute breaks are essential for us to stay productive. Smart wooden 3d puzzles by UGears are a great solution because they will allow you to switch to a productive and fulfilling activity as opposed to something mindless such as browsing your phone which will not do much in terms of helping your brain.

Which UGears sets are the best for a 20-minute break?

The UGears Date Navigator

The UGears Date Navigator is a beautiful steampunk-style set that consists of only 25 parts and takes around 20 minutes to assemble. The Navigator features an array of exquisite details including a set of elegantly-carved gears and rotating wheels with years and dates. Once assembled, the Navigator will become your faithful ally in the sea of time. Hang the Navigator on the wall and use it as a unique wooden calendar that shows dates and days of the week up until the year 2044.

The UGears Tribiks

This set is a unique office companion. There are several themed types of sets consisting of 4 objects and 10 parts each. Tribiks are fidgets that are a pleasure to assemble and a perfect little tool for keeping your hands busy when you are working or thinking. The series includes the following themed sets: aircraft, vehicles, ships, creations, and seasonal decorations.

The UGears Build and Color series

If you are taking a break with a small child or are simply looking for a way to keep them busy, the UGears Build and Color are your first choice. These sets are designed for pre-schoolers and feature wooden animals and toys with moving parts. If will take you and your child not more than 20 minutes to assemble any set from the Build and Color series. These unique sets will spark the little one’s imagination and creative skills. Each toy is made from eco-friendly materials and can be painted after assembly.

All the 3d puzzle sets by UGears are made from high-grade plywood and feature a stunning level of detail as well as mandatory mechanical elements that add an essential educational level to every set. All the puzzle parts come pre-carved in stylish packaging with an illustrated 11-language manual and could make a great preset to either your loved ones or yourself.

You would be surprised at how much energy boost you will get after you finish one of these exciting 3d puzzles! And having successfully finished one task, you will gain more confidence when you get back to the main one.