The UGears Antique Box: a modern tribute to the Victorian era most popular accessory

Ugears Antique Box

The UGears Antique Box is another set in the line of charming jewelry boxes. It is one of the bigger sets in this series and it consists of 185 parts. The Antique Box takes between 4 and 8 hours to assemble. The beauty of the Box lies in the fact that it has a bit more to offer than you can see at first glance. Let’s take a look inside this immaculately-detailed treasure chest of a jewelry box and see what it has in store.

What makes the Antique Box one of the best jewelry boxes in the UGears collection?

The UGears Antique Box: a modern tribute to the Victorian era most popular accessory - UGears USA 1

Ugears Antique Box

  1. An impeccable design. The artificially-ornamented exterior of the Box will be the first thing that will strike you together with the aroma of high-quality natural wood, as soon as you open the package. Oriental and floral elements intertwine to create a whimsical pattern that will suit any taste and fit any interior.
  2. A smart mechanism. It is enough to pull the upper lid of the box to activate the three main blocks of the mirrored mechanism. This mechanism makes the upper compartments to gently slide to the side to reveal the other compartments below. The lowest level of the box will, in its turn, slide from underneath the upper two.
  3. A mechanical secret. Victorian era is notoriously known for furniture and accessories with secret levers and spaces. The intricate detail of the exterior and many visible drawers and compartments were a mere facade to draw the viewer’s attention away from the real treasures that are hidden inside. Just like its 18th-century prototypes, people who would especially appreciate the Antique Box are those who definitely have something to hide. Interestingly enough, the two extra spaces inside the Box only reveal themselves in certain circumstances. The owner of the Box has to press on the buttons on the backside of the box underneath the lid. After that, the lids that cover the two smallest compartments on the top level of the Box will spring open.

Other features

The Antique Box features a latch lock that makes sure that all the treasures inside the Box can be safely transported. The beautifully-illustrated manual in 11 languages will guide you through all the assembly stages without hassle. The Antique Box is a perfect gift for both long-term UGears fans. In addition, it is a unique opportunity to introduce someone to the smart mechanisms. Similarly, as those mechanisms feature all-natural eco-friendly materials, it is a great way to show your care about the environment.