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What to give her for her birthday? – is a question that is better answered earlier than later. Birthday gifts are some of the most challenging. And while you can easily find numerous tips on finding the perfect one online, there are still many decisions that you have to make yourself.

All the best and most treasured gifts start with a great idea. And the idea is that a gift should not be put aside right away but should be so interesting, inspiring, or unusual that the lucky recipient would take his time to admire it without thinking. Secondly, the perfect gift should be multi-purpose. This means that the gift should not only have an attractive design but should also serve one or more purposes. All this will ensure that its owner will be coming back to it over and over again. And thirdly, a gift should have an emotional value. This is something that ties the gift and its giver, you, in the mind of its receiver together. This might be a happy memory from the past, a warm wish for the future, or a feature that allows the gift to create valuable memories.

A few tips on gifts for women

If you are looking for a perfect gift for her birthday, whether it is your mom, your girlfriend, your daughter, or co-worker, there are certain rules that apply specifically to the gifts for women. And the first rule is, of course, as you might have guessed is that the gift should be elegant and stylish. You don’t have to necessarily follow the latest trends, it is much more important to be able to recognize what she would appreciate at this point in her life. Another tip is to make the gift reflect her personal views, for example, many women now would love to get an eco-friendly gift, or a gift that helps her be creative inspires her or helps her find a new hobby or a source of positive energy.

Wooden 3D puzzles by UGears are 100% eco-friendly and are made of high-quality plywood without the use of any chemicals and as well as any special tools, including glue or paint at any stage of the assembly process. Each puzzle piece is joined together with another one just like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. And like jigsaw puzzles, 3D puzzles by UGears are an unmatched way to exercise your brain, help develop problem-solving skills and raise IQ levels in children, while helping older people fight mental challenges that come with old age, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. Every UGears puzzle features moving parts and mechanical elements that illustrate laws of Physics and can not only become a handy school homework assistance but a beautiful and unique mechanical toy or an element of décor.

The UGears collection covers a broad range of subjects which saves you from the torment of choosing. The puzzle sets are split into 3 categories by assembly difficulty level: ‘Easy’, ‘Intermediate’, and ‘Hard’. This means that the sets in the first category consist of around up to 200 parts and take between 1 and 3 hours to assemble. The ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Hard’ sets consist of around 300 and 700 parts and take from 4 to 8 and from 9 to 16 hours accordingly. Whether the lucky lade has a previous construction sets or modeling experience or not, UGears puzzles are a unique and creative way to spend your free time either by oneself or in a group of friends or loved ones.

List of birthday gifts by age

Below is our list of the best gift ideas for her birthday. Women are amazing regardless of their age, and this is why we broke down gift ideas into groups that are more suitable for any age group that special lady in your life belongs to. All the featured 3D puzzle sets are labeled ‘Easy’, unless stated otherwise.

Gifts for her 10th birthday

The UGears Flower is an ideal gift for a little princess that needs a beautiful storage space for her secrets, knick-knacks, or candy. The flower opens its immaculately carved petals to reveal either a delicate ballerina figurine or a tree of luck, as the sets comes with two bases to choose from.

The UGears Butterfly is a stunningly relisting set that features a butterfly that is hovering over a flower with a gentle rocking motion. The Butterfly comes with two sets of wings: the plain ones and the ones that can be painted into the favorite colors that the little girl chooses.

Gifts for her 20th birthday

The UGears Cardholder is one of the most suitable gifts for your girlfriend on her birthday if she is into board games, card games, or tabletop RPGs. The Cardholder can accommodate up to 400 2.48” x 3.46” card and is easily turned from something that looks like a sophisticated wooden jewelry box into an ergonomic staircase that has all the cards arranged in a convenient and easy to reach manner. The Cardholder is easy to carry around, it doesn’t take up much space on a game table, and, on top of everything else, it creates a suitable atmosphere for an exciting game night.

Another outstanding gift your girlfriend would love to get on her birthday is the UGears Treasure Box. This set features a breathtakingly ornamented exterior with numerous moving gears on the sides of the box together with a secret key that, once turned, will start a mechanism that will slide the lid to the side revealing the secrets or jewelry hidden inside.

Gifts for her 35th birthday

The UGears Horse Mechanoid is a magnificent example of well-thought-out engineering that can make inanimate objects move just like their real-life prototypes. The Horse, unlike other mechanical sets by UGears, is based on an animal and not a mechanism, and this is what makes the mechanics behind this set in the ‘Hard’ category so sophisticated.  The Horse features a wind-up rubber-band motor and a pendulum that allow it to move on its own with a realistic balance and grace these elegant creatures are known for.

The UGears Timer is an ideal gift for a business lady. It features a recognizable steampunk-style exterior and that vintage look that combined with a whimsical mechanism makes it a one-of-a-kind office accessory that will be ready to defuse a tense atmosphere or help take a little relaxing break with its pleasant ticking noise and meditative rocking elements together with moving gears.

Gifts for her 45th birthday

The UGears Amber Box is a real masterpiece which is more than just a jewelry box and even a little bit more than a typical UGears set as it is engraved with real amber stones. Covered in whimsical ornaments, this box features a hatch lock that, once opened, reveals more secrets that are hidden inside. The Box boasts six inner compartments, which are pulled from underneath each other with the help of the mirror mechanism that allows to provide more storage space on the inside than it seems at first glance. In addition, the Amber Box also provides two hidden compartments that are opened when the secret buttons on the side of the box are pushed. The little amber stones, that make this set so special, are attached to the beautifully-carved lid of the Amber Box with the help of smart fixtures and with no glue required as always.

The UGears puzzle sets are such a universal and unique gift that you can rely on them for any occasion and especially when looking for an ideal gift for a lovely woman.

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