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Moving wooden animal toys

Wooden toys possess that special charm that cannot be replicated by any plastic toy even if it is premium quality. Natural wood has a unique feel to it and if a perfect material for both toys for very little children due to the fact that it is 100% eco-friendly, and for older children, as it can be manipulated in a variety of ways, including, for example, painting.

UGears has a long history of making high-quality wooden 3D puzzles that bring fun and learning together. Each wooden toy is an illustration of some kind of a simple mechanical principle, which is a great way to teach even the youngest children about the way the world around them works in a form of an exciting game. A mechanical element is present in all toys, whether it is a fascinating gear mechanism that is visible through the open sides of a locomotive or hidden underneath the hood of an elegant vintage car or a secret latch mechanism that makes sure all the secrets are safely locked inside a beautiful wooden treasure chest covered in whimsical patterns.

Following the same assembly principle as jigsaw puzzles, all the UGears puzzle sets are assembled by hand without the use of glue or any special tools. All the parts are pre-cut and can be easily taken out of their wooden frames with just a little pressure applied. Being able to make a toy themselves, children value the result way more and become more attached to their wonderful wooden creations. And if they learn a thing or two about the basic laws of physics along the way, that makes it even better!

But what if you are looking for something special for a child who is not so much into devices as into animals? Can mechanics and animals co-exist? The UGears team has a definitive answer to this question, and it is: of course.

Below is the list of wooden 3D puzzle sets that feature moving mechanical animals and that can become a loved and valued addition to any toy collection.

  • UGears Horse Mechanoid

The Horse Mechanoid is the gem of UGears’ moving animals collection. Consisting of 410 parts and with an estimated assembly time from 9 to 16 hours,  this mechanical wooden masterpiece could make a great gift for preteens and teenagers who love horses. Like all other smart mechanical toys by UGears, this beautiful horse features a self-propelled mechanism that allows it to walk on its own! Winding up the motor by turning the key on its side will set the horse in motion and get the wind blowing through its mane. The magical steady movement of the horse is provided by a rubber-band mechanism that is connected to all the movable parts, while the incredible balance is achieved with the pendulum hidden inside its chest.

  • UGears Stagecoach

Based on the iconic look of the carriage in the eponymous сlassic movie by John Ford, this stagecoach is as elegant and functional as its famous prototype. The set features 248 parts and should take between 4 and 8 hours to assemble. The wind-up motor sets the Stagecoach on a journey with two horses in front and four wheels on the sides. Moreover, the cabin doors can be opened and the luggage on top can be removed.

  • UGears Royal Carriage

The Royal Carriage is slightly bigger than the previous model and has four horses pulling it. The rubber band motor that powers the Carriage is visible through its body which makes this set, once assembled, even more, exciting to watch in motion. The Royal Carriage can cover up to 13 feet in one setting and can be assembled within 4 to 8 hours, with 290 parts to work with. Just like the Stagecoach, this toy features opening doors. A truly charming detail about the Royal Carriage set, however, is that it comes with two sets of figurines to choose from, Prince Harry with his wife  Meghan, or The Queen with The Duke of Edinburgh.

  • UGears whale, bear cub, bouquet, cockerel and rocking horse

This set features 5 toys and is a part of a Build and Color series of 3D puzzle toys for younger children. Best suitable for ages of 5 and above, these cuddly animals are patiently waiting to not only be assembled by little hands but also painted. The set doesn’t include a color palette or any specific directions regarding the painting process, leaving these decisions entirely to a child. What could be more fun than making your own toy? Coloring it, of course!

Each wooden toy in the set features a moving element, such as, for example, a moving paw of a bear cub, strumming on his guitar, or a cockerel’s colorful wings and tail, or a water fountain on the mother whale’s back as she is teaching her baby whale to swim.

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