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We all know that finding gifts for holidays and special occasions can be quite challenging but sometimes looking for a small gift can be an even bigger issue. The key is to find something to the point that reflects both the person’s interests and taste, as well as doesn’t occupy much space. In a way, small gifts are a lot like short stories, and their true beauty lies in their compact form that doesn’t require more details or bigger size.

The smallest gifts can still be the most memorable ones, and in today’s article, we are going to focus on the best gifts for not more than $100. Whether you are going to surprise your girlfriend, your mom or your sister with a little ‘just because’ gift or are planning on sending a little thank-you present to your female co-worker, it is important to make sure that this gift sends the message of appreciation and is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

What makes a small gift perfect?

While we are all looking for a combination of a stylish form and a number of practical aspects in the gifts that we receive, gifts for women require an additional level of elegance. Being trendy, eco-friendly, and functional are also some of the most desirable qualities that unfortunately not all gifts that cost less than $100 possess.

Wooden 3D puzzle sets by UGears could become a real treat and a very memorable gift for both the people who love construction sets and scale models or simply enjoy beautiful and delicate things. A gift that will not just be put on a shelf once the wrapping is gone but the requires creativity, a special approach and needs to be assembled by its owner either by himself or together with his loved ones possesses extra value, which can be measured with warm memories that it creates. In addition to puzzles being a great workout for our brain, they give us the feeling of accomplishment that we all crave and that gives us the ego boost we need to move forward with confidence. Made from 100% natural high-quality plywood, these 3D puzzles do not require any special tools during their assembly, as all their parts come pre-cut and are joined together with a gentle push.

All UGears sets are divided into three categories by difficulty level: from ‘Easy’ to ‘Hard’ and take from 1 to 3 and to 9 to 16 hours to build. All 3D puzzles come with an illustrated manual in 11 languages.

Each 3D puzzle by UGears features moving and mechanic elements. This not only creates an additional dimension of difficulty that helps select either sets for beginners or modeling pros but also makes these sets suitable for a wide range of age groups with a variety of interests. These smart mechanisms set wooden cars in motion and illustrate the basic principles of mechanics, making each set a unique tribute to the magic of technology and engineering while keeping the signature style of the wooden puzzles by UGears.

Gifts for her: under $100

Most UGears sets come at a price that is less than $100 which makes them an ideal solution for everyone on the budget and searching for an unusual and memorable gift. All the sets that are featured below are tagged ‘Easy’, unless it is mentioned otherwise in the description, which means that it takes between 1 and 3 hours to build them.

We have broken our list into two price categories to make your search for an ideal gift for her for $100 a lot faster.

Under $50

The UGears Steampunk Clock is a meticulously-detailed and fully-functioning tabletop clock with floral and celestial ornaments and two unsynchronized clock hands that are set in motion by a smart mechanism. And as this is a steampunk clock, it not only features a signature design but also boasts moving gears that are perfectly visible due to this set’s open exterior. The moving gears and relatively small size of this model make it a perfect compact gift that will look mysterious and stylish on any office desk or a living room shelf.

The UGears Theater is a contemporary tribute to the Victorian-era mechanical toys and accessories that were widespread at that time and wildly popular. A simple mechanism brings the characters onto an improvised stage, as well as switches the decorations. Princesses and kings, dragons and witches, knights and jesters come to life together with the beautifully-carved gears and with the help of the spinning wheel that creates the domino effect and makes every wheel and gear move.

The UGears Flower is an ideal set for a little princess. It is a masterfully-crafted secret storage space for jewelry, candy, little knick-knacks and much more. The beautifully-carved petals of the flower create a bud that is ready to hide any secret that can only be revealed with the twist of the ring at the base of the flower. Once the ring is turned, the flower opens up to reveal either a Ballerina or a Tree of Luck, depending on the base that you select to purchase.

Unlike the aforementioned sets, the UGears Treasure Box is within a ‘Hard’ assembly level category. But fear not, both the end result and the assembly process are so fascinating that it will make every minute spent on this set truly worth it. The Treasure Box is not very big measuring 5.6″ x 5.6″ x 3.6″ but is enough to keep jewelry and little valuables inside. The key feature of this set is its secret mechanism that is set in motion with the help of a key that is disguised as an ornament on the lid. Once the key is inserted in the lock on the side of the box, the intricate ornaments and gears that cover the exterior of the box begin to move eventually letting the lid of the box gently slide to the side revealing all the treasures that are hidden inside.

Over $50

The UGears Amber Box is a chic accessory that can easily become a centerpiece of any collection or a whimsical and recognizable jewelry box. This is a truly unique UGears set due to the fact that it features real amber stones that are intricately ‘engraved’ onto its lid with the help of a set of clever fixtures and absolutely no glue. The Amber Box is 6.9″x5.5″x3.9″ when assembled, but is in fact bigger on the inside than it seems on the outside. Its secret is that it features a special mirror mechanism that keeps its six inner compartments on top of each other when the box is closed and makes them slide from underneath each other as soon as the hatch lock is opened and the lid is up. But the magic doesn’t end here. Two buttons that are hidden on the backside of the box open two secret compartments for some of your most treasured possessions.

The UGears Safe is an ‘Intermediate’ set, which means that it will take between 4 and 8 joy-filled hours to assemble it. The Safe is a more serious take on a jewelry box and it provides a higher level of security for everything that you choose to store inside as it features a fully-functioning combination lock that will inspire any child to invent numerous detective games and any adult to remember the time when they wanted to become a detective cracking bank robberies with ease. Once assembled, this set is quite big with the dimensions of 15 × 6 × 2 inches, which allows it to accommodate larger objects, from jewelry and papers to electronic devices and money.

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