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When we want to make a gift, it is important not only to make a sign of attention but also to please a person with a smart, kind, and unique present.

Choosing the perfect gifts for women is a much more difficult task than gifts for men. There is no difference between you’re shopping for a best friend, girlfriend, wife, sister, mother or colleague, the process of choosing the perfect gift can be stunning. What do they want? 

But don’t worry – we’ve put together nice gifts that we’re sure she’ll love. And if you’re not sure what you should be asking her for, be sure to check out our guide to the best gifts for him.

HEXAPOD EXPLORER is a unique gift idea for everybody who loves nature, insects, robots, and model building! It is a part insect, part robot, part extraterrestrial rover. The Hexapod Explorer can walk up to 3 meters on its own legs.

HURDY-GURDY is the world’s first unique mechanical model which can actually create music! Putting it together is pure joy!

MECHANICAL AQUARIUM will be a nice gift for lovers of marine life. The sea creatures will become your favorite.

HORSE MECHANOID is a unique 3d puzzle that joins nature and mechanics. The innovative mechanism of this beauty makes the Bionic Horse closely resemble a real horse.

TREASURE BOX is the true diamond of Ugears. It is made for jewelry and notes. This model is well-designed with through-carved work which she will love.

AMBER BOX is an older sister of the Antique and Treasure Box. It is beautiful, fascinating, and even sophisticated. And the unique feature of this model cleverly are built-in five natural pieces of amber which will make your experience more precious.

ROYAL CARRIAGE was created by Ugears developers inspired by the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on the 19th May 2018. It is an intricate and elegant carriage drawn by four graceful horses.

CAROUSEL helps you to take a trip to your childhood memories. Enjoy the time spent with this Ugears beautiful nostalgic model. The Carousel the classic merry go round implemented in top-quality sustainable wood.

CASH REGISTER is an original and clever self-assembly mechanical bank.

BUTTERFLY is a unique synergy of mechanics and nature. It is an animated kinetic sculpture made with exploring the amazing world of automatons.

MECHANICAL FLOWER helps you to surprise your beloved. All you need to start or drive your love-story!

THEATER is an example of a very intricate mechanism with an artistic touch – and it never seizes to amaze our customers. Spin the wheel and see the characters pop up on stage.

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