Ugears mechanical models: a Father’s paradise!

Father's Day

Celebrating Father’s Day together

This Sunday, 19th June the US celebrates Father’s Day. It is more than a mere formality for many families. A father’s participation in their kid’s life cannot be overestimated. Receiving dad’s attention, time and care is vital to the development of a balanced personality and lays the foundation for a happy adolescence and maturity. Dads, thank you for being around! Thank you for everything!

Father's Day

The passion for rail travel

Who doesn’t enjoy traveling? We are sure your dad does! How about traveling in style? Ugears 3d puzzles offer you a chance to get immersed in magnificent history of railroad travel. There are two legendary train models which will surely attract some well-deserved attention: a V-express Steam Train with Tender and Platform and the iconic Ugears Locomotive with Rail Platform and Rails. The latter is a traditional 19th century steam train which is an embodiment of the best railway traditions! The former is a more modern express train, taking you to the future! Both are advanced models, offering plenty of excitement for those who are keen on model making!

Father's Day

Quality time for everyone!

Wooden models for adults and kids are an original way to bring the family together. Join forces with your loved ones to build a spectacular model, which you can then play with and admire! At you will find these and many other Ugears puzzle kits. Check it out to give your dad the best gift possible!

Father's Day

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Help Ukraine

As the fight for democratic values continues, the Ukrainian army, volunteers, and regular citizens stand united in not letting these values and beliefs disappear in the bottomless pit of russian hatred. If you, like us, share the vision of the free world, support the Ukrainian resistance! Find out how you can help here: