St Valentine’s Day. What do we know about this holiday?

UGears St Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is considered to be the most romantic holiday in the world. The phrase “I love you” sounds every second from the lips of all lovers around The Earth.

When did this holiday appear?

Everyone has a different attitude to this holiday. Someone is in a hurry to choose gifts for their lovers, while others don`t think that this day is a holiday at all. But it is not easy to find a person who does not know that February 14 is known as the holiday of all people in love. But have you ever wondered how this holiday appeared? If not, then today we will tell you, because the story is very interesting. This date causes a lot of controversies. But there are enough beautiful legends around it.

  • According to the first legend, the Romans traditionally held a fertility festival in mid-February, even before our era. On this day there was a sacrifice. And then, men and women exposed their bodies. This type of celebration greatly increased the birth rate in the Roman Empire.


  • The second legend came to us from the Middle Ages and is also quite interesting. When the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II, soldiers could not start marriages. According to the emperor’s thoughts, this way should help them to protect the country better. But everything was not so simple. In those days the field doctor with the name “Valentine” married lovers among themselves, but this was kept a secret. When the crime was committed, he was executed. But before that, he left a declaration of love to his chosen one Julia on a piece of paper. He signed it as “Your Valentine”.


  • The third legend refers to the Italian patrician Valentine. He secretly preached Christianity, and then all his lieges also began to preach this religion. He and two of his servants were detained while they were holding a wedding. Since the patrician belonged to the representatives of the wealthy class, his execution could be canceled. But he chose the other way. He agreed with the guard in the dungeon that he would be executed, but all “his people” should be pardoned. Before his death, he gave everyone a note, where he exalted the love that is sacrificed.

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Where did this holiday come from to America?

The Americans began to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day after the resettlement of the British. Also, the tradition of giving Valentine cards was taken from the British. And only sometime after that the production of postcards began to be commercial. A few decades later, Valentine’s Day has become a holiday for everyone. On this day everyone congratulates each other, gives gifts and wishes to have a good holiday in America.

What to present on this holiday?

Until the 19th century, the best gift was a heart made of marzipan. Because only rich people could afford sweets then. But in the 20th century, it became popular to give not only sweets and valentines, but also jewelry. Floral stores have a huge revenue on this day, because bouquets are also considered a common gift. A couple of days before the holiday all stores are overflowing with gifts. This way they attract customers. Schools have their special program too. Students decorate classrooms with hearts made of paper, participate in performances, and have thematic parties. Friends give each other heart-shaped cards, which they cut out from magazines or make from paper. Also on this day, many couples in love go to restaurants to celebrate or go to noisy parties.

This holiday is not official. Universities, shops and all institutions work according to the schedule. But the symbolism of this holiday is almost everywhere. Shopping malls are decorated with hearts, cupids and other similar love symbols. Some homeowners decorate their front doors with heart-shaped garlands.

Our company will be happy to help you with choosing a gift. Note that on this day it is important not only to surprise your loved ones, but also to present a useful gift that will warm your soul for a long time to come.

UGears has prepared several of its models for this holiday. You will be happy to present them to your loved ones and will be delighted with them!

UGears St Valentine's Day

Mechanical Flower

If you want to surprise your beloved, then you should definitely pay attention to our unique model – a flower box, which has delicate petals, a ballerina and a tree of happiness inside! You can store both jewelry and sweets in this box. Bracelets can be stored on the tree of happiness, and all other jewelry on a stand in the form of a ballerina.


Mechanical 3D model “Butterfly” is an amazing example of the combination of nature and mechanics! This is not a static model, but a living kinetic sculpture, each part of which performs its function in this incredible assembly. The model also comes with a flower-shaped stand, which complements this mechanical construction set

Treasure Box

If you don’t know where to store your jewelry, then a mechanical box with a secret is just right for you! This is not only a good gift, but also an exciting puzzle. The kit includes everything you need to assemble and when you open the box first time, you will be pleased with the enjoyable smell of wood. All your secrets and treasures will be in a safe place, because the UGears mechanical box was created with love especially for you!

The main feature of all our models is that they are assembled without glue and additional tools. Each piece is unique, safe and made from natural materials.

UGears St Valentine's Day

A few words about the most important

Do not forget to make your family and friends happier.

And Valentine’s Day is one more reason to say “I love you” once again and present a good gift.

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